Valentines Week

Valentine’s day is the most awaited day of the year for the couples. Though you can express your love every day, people still find it more special to celebrate it on 14th February. The concept of celebrating Valentine’s week from 7th February to 14th February is also something couples love doing. Valentine’s week consists of 7 different days that are the Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and the last one is Valentine’s day itself. We are here to help you think what you can gift to your loved ones. Let’s see what the week of love has for all of us.

7th Feb – Rose Day

Rose Day
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Gifting flowers is the most beautiful thing. They come in many varieties, but the Rose Day is especially for gifting roses to your loved one. You can gift roses in colours like red, yellow, orange, and pink to your better half. Many people send a bouquet of roses and some gift single roses too. You can decorate and gift the rose in various ways and present it to your special someone.

8th Feb – Propose Day

Propose Day
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Proposals are not just of marriage but can be a beginning of a new love story between strangers or friends. The idea of this day is to finally express yourself and propose the person you love. Proposals can be done in various special ways and this day makes it even more special. So, if you are wondering what to do, you can finally go and tell him/her that you are in love with him/her, and this day is perfect for it.

9th Feb – Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Everyone does and this day is especially for that. You can even give you closest friends chocolates on this day, but if it’s your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can present them with heart shaped chocolates that are gift wrapped very prettily. Now a days, you get chocolate bouquets as well.

10th Feb – Teddy Day

Teddy Day

Teddy bears have to be the cutest gift of all. It is very easy to shop for teddy bears with cute messages written on them. Teddy bears can be of any size and still mean the same. This gift is special because you can cuddle it when you are missing your loved one.

11th Feb- Promise Day

Promise Day
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Many couples get into relationships and have many expectations. This day helps them to promise each other to be happy always. Promises are very hard to keep, so this day should be celebrated with keeping all the promises.

12th Feb – Hug Day

Hug Day

Hugs are a way of expressing your love to your dear ones and loved ones. They make one feel safe and warm. One hug can just brighten a person’s day, so make good use of this day.

13th Feb – Kiss Day

Kiss Day

Kisses are nothing but another way of showering your love. A kiss can be given to your loved one on their lips, forehead, cheeks or hands. Kisses are soft and gentle and they speak a lot more than words.

14th Feb – Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Finally, the last day of the Valentine’s week. This day you can combine all the things done throughout the week and present it to your loved one.