Monolith Chaconne

 Monolith Chaconne is an upcoming mammoth smartphone of Robotics Industries (TRI) which is announced to boast many promising features. This great piece of technology will hit the market by 2018 and till then the features claimed by company in this smartphone are difficult to believe.

As per Robotics Industries, this smartphone will be loaded with features like Internal storage of 1.2 TB accompanied by RAM of 18 GB. Well, it doesn’t end here. The primary camera is claimed to be of 60 MP and secondary camera of 20 MP and that too with 6K IMAX recording mode.

Some more jaw dropping features of this smartphone are its screen resolution which is claimed to be of 2160×3840 pixels with 4K quality.

One more stunning feature with this smartphone is its powerful snapdragon 830 Qualcomm processor. However, the news is yet to be confirmed officially.

No, the story doesn’t end here. Not as yet. This mammoth is further loaded with space of four sim cards. Memory, as in most of the smartphones, is extendable. Means, in case the user is not satisfied with the provided memory then the memory can be extended by inserting two micro SD cards. Well, now this is more than just enough memory.

The only thing that remains in the specifications is its battery backup. Certainly, the most important and requisite feature. The solution that has been brought with this gigantic piece of art is by introducing 100wh battery with graphene and hydrogen fuel cells. This seems to work entire week long but let’s wait till the launch of the phone.