Iphone7 From Apple

As Apple rolls out its latest innovations, they have presented yet another promising smartphone – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to the people. To those who thought the iPhones from Apple are going to be just a push forward upgradation from iPhone 6S to 7, the new ones are, literally, inculcated with new features.

iPhone 7 Review:

Well, the look may, however disappoint the users again as they preserved the beauty and looks of 6S in iPhone 7. Using same two-year old look for a new phone was something which had brought iPhones in talks with launch of iPhone 5 as well and had hugely disappointed the iPhone lovers. But this time, situation might not be the same as iPhone7 series features and specification cover the looks-part completely. It is all set to deliver exclusive experience amidst all the iPhones launched till date.

Newly Added Features

Waterproof, incredible quad-core processor, and most importantly, 32GB storage memory – all are the newly added features in both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Cameras, too, have excellent upgrades and gives better photography experience with a good bump in megapixels.

Nevertheless, every bright side comes with dark side and so, the iPhone 7 has the drawbacks. The battery life – which is actually the real concern for the device but other feature that, also, can trouble users is its headphone jack.  No, of course not the size but the removal. Yes, it has been removed from the iPhone which is quite unnecessary and restrictive. Now, iPhone 7 headphone is even more expensive than iPhone 6S. But, to cover this, Apple has provided us with lightning Earpods. Connecting this to the charging socket will restrict listening music and charging phone at the same time. Which, I think, is good for health and provides security. As any kind of activity on the smartphone while in charging mode is dangerous.

So, while checking out these features in your iPhone, 6S model still tops the iPhone series and is really great – only if size is not a matter of concern.

The Design

iPhone 6 or 6S users will experience not-so-much new about the design. It’s like being at home except for the colour of the wall has new option – Jet Black Finish. The new shade option for iPhone 7 gives you best reason to stand out of the regular iPhone troop. It is attractive, highly boasting, made out of steel – unlike iPhone 5C  – and very smooth-to-touch body. Surely, no one will give a damn to the finger impression on phone when it comes to the looks.

And other new colour option includes simply ‘Black.’ Replacing Space Grey option, iPhone 7 is given a mean machine mood.  Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold are other colours iPhone 7 is available in.

Size and Shape

No change in size and shape from the previous models is observed but the new models are given beautiful, smooth curves at the corners and around the camera nub which is more rounded. Although a small change, but it does make it to the competition against smartphones competitors.

Small, chunky areas on top and bottom of the screen are retained and hence, less screen space is given according to the size as compared with HTC 10, LG G5, or Samsung Galaxy S7. While the latter models boast similar dimensions but offers 5.7-inch screen, the iPhone 7 series give us 4.7-inch screen size.

Home Button

It has changed. Apart from all other changes made in the body was quite little expected by me, but the change in home button really got me the grip over the real changes in iPhone series. No click or physical button is now available. Only the tap or touch sensitivity is going to work. Means, it’s now like other icons on the screen which are touch-sensitive. So, be sure you are not wearing anything on your hand, because it’s not going to work.
Surprisingly, I could really have bet upon the button had something to give to it till the time I turned the phone off and realised that I had been tricked. Its new Hepatic Engine is that good. It’s tricky. Well, at least that’s how the feedback of iPhone 7 is offered.

Water Resistant

This can be one of the reasons the physical button has given the transitional change. Although, it’s not for the first time a smartphone is given this feature. Surely, Apple is not the mere company to come with this idea but a water-proof iPhone is, undoubtedly, big advantage for the iPhones users, particularly for me as I have ruined two phones by dropping them in water.

But, the iPhone can withstand the depth of 1m only for 30 minutes. So, don’t take this feature really for granted. Best is the feature of Indian iPhone users as rain and flood extent in India is vast and iPhone 7 can give best performance under such circumstances.


Unfortunately, only iPhone 7 Plus is inculcated with dual cameras. Talks about primary and secondary camera at the back and in the front are old. The new iPhone 7 Plus has two powerful cameras at the back which serve as one powerful camera bestowing better photo quality and awesome photography experience. Where 12 MP camera captures the scene and the other can zoom in and zoom out with optical zoom at 2x and Digital zoom up to 10x.

Booking of iPhone 7 series is open. Many online stores are providing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at discounted rates in form of cashback or exchange. Stocks are still be availed at physical stores.

Review: Apple iPhone 7