GeeFi Connectivity – Unlimited data wherever you roam. A promise of GeeFi that ensures no heavy charges on roaming, no lags in downloading speed and unlimited 4G high speed data at cost just affordable by all. Available across 100 countries worldwide, this device is free from SIM cards. This portable device now offers Wi-Fi wherever you go and take it along. Traveling abroad? Take it with you!

Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Not it just contracted the world, it has become a need of the hour. Wi-Fi being the most convenient way of using internet sometimes gets stuck due to signal failures. Courtesy GeeFi, the hurdles are done through to the end and you have hassle-free access to Wi-Fi in your pocket.

How to use:
•    Switch on your GeeFi device
•    Enter your Wi-Fi Network ID and Password
•    Turn on Wi-Fi option in your gadgets which are required to get connected to GeeFi
•    And now enjoy your fastest 4G/LTE Wi-Fi

It can connect through up to 10 devices to it to the maximum.

Equipped with the most advanced chip makes it the most reliable and quickest Wi-Fi till date.  Now no more network searching as the world’s fastest Wi-Fi network is in your pocket. Unfortunately, the ultimate source of Wi-Fi connectivity is not available in India for sell as yet.