Grilled Rock lobster

From Japanese cuisine, one feels that the food served would be raw and uncooked. However, the experience at Guppy in Delhi would prove you wrong for sure. It is an eccentric restaurant in the heart of Delhi serving scrumptious authentic Japanese preparations. Besides other days, their lazy Sunday brunch is also a great time to visit Guppy at Lodhi Road Delhi for a gastronomic experience. Guppy, originally means fish in Japan. It is a great place for a private meal, as it is in a less populated Lodhi Colony of Delhi where there are no other eateries in the line and away from the buzz of the usual market places.

Ambience 4/5


Guppy by AD Singh in New Delhi, the cutesy contemporary Japanese restaurant, offers an inviting ambience and décor. The fish lights overhead, Japanese dolls as well as other Japanese artefacts give an experience of being in a fantasy land with colour tones of green and pink. A petite restaurant with chic interiors make one feel comfortable and amazing. The restaurant is segregated into a lounge and dining area and a lot of creativity has been applied by their designer in doing up the walls specifically.

Service 4/5

Chicken Ramen

Nishant, the manager is extremely courteous and helpful with his recommendations and suggestions. The bartender and chef would meet you personally if required, in case you need suggestions directly from them. Edamame seeds are served on every table prior to the orders.

Food 4/5

Grilled Rock lobster

It is great to start your meal here with their salad, appetizers, soup, maybe a beverage, main course and end with a dessert. The menu focuses varieties of sushi, sashimi, soups and tempura. The Winter Special Menu at Guppy Delhi is a treat to the taste buds and recommended.

Beverages 4/5

Lobster and Seafood Soup Kaminabe

Lobster and seafood soup kaminabe

This is seafood specialty soup of the restaurant and comprises sea lobsters, prawns, fish, vegetables and a miso broth. It comes served in a paper pot and is served in your bowls from it. It can also be savoured directly from the pot and also if you are comfortable with sharing from the same pot.

Small Plates 4/5

Battera Sushi

Battera Sushi

These authentic flavoured and style sushi cakes are topped with salmon and tuna and further with tobikko. A great pick for fish lovers.

Sushi Rice Crisps

Sushi rice crisp - Veg

Fried rice sushi cakes topped with veggies or meat. They can be heavy and filling, and for authentic sushi lovers, battera sushi might be a better option. The sauce served with it enhances the flavour. However, if you want to experiment with sushi or cannot have it in the raw form, this is a way to enjoy it.

Slow Cooked Tuna Steak

Slow cooked tuna steak

Tuna steak or sliced tuna grilled and served with a spicy sauce and topped or served alongside poached egg is a popular option here. A favourite for tuna lovers.

Main Course 4/5

Grilled Rock Lobster

Grilled Rock lobster

Freshly pan-grilled rock lobster, sautéed with seasonal vegetables in a spicy butter sauce is a delectable main to try here, especially till the Winter Menu lasts and if you are fond of seafood.

Mushroom Toban Yaki

Mushroom toban yaki
This is a hearty preparation and delicious choice for vegetarians made of assorted mushrooms, lotus and roots and green leafy vegetables cooked in coconut cream.

Lamb Toban Yaki

Lamb Tobanyaki

It is a slow cooked preparation of lamb with carrots, greens and daikon with miso paste served in a hot ceramic pot. A perfect combination of spicy and bland flavours are a part of this dish.

Chicken Ramen Noodles

Chicken Ramen

These are egg noodles served in soy sauce, tossed with chicken steak and topped with a boiled egg and spinach. This preparation generally does not need any accompaniments, so it is considered as a single meal.

For those who enjoy non-spicy soothing flavours, Guppy in Lodhi Road New Delhi is an ideal option to visit. So, lift up those chop sticks and chomp on that sushi!

Address: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
Tel: 011 2469 0005  +91 96501 85005
Meal for Two: Rs. 2900 approx; Rs. 225 for a Pint of Beer approx.