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Operating out of Greater Kailash 1, Nutri Punch is a healthy Low calorie delivery outlet in New Delhi, churning out an array of healthy meals, meal bowls, smoothies and shakes. Served at your doorstep, Nutri Punch Greater Kailash 1 prevents you from the hassle of going out of your office or home to have healthy food. Truly for those fitness freaks following a rigorous work out regime seeking some nutritious changes in their eating habits and lifestyle. Established by a certified nutritionist, Vikrant Bose, the outlet delivers fresh nutritious meals along with providing diet plans to the regular customers.

Service 3/5

Nutri Punch

You can expect your order to be delivered around the time you have asked for it. Packaged nicely in disposable crockery and cutlery, it comes fresh in microwaveable utensils. The beverage glasses are tightly packed to avoid any leakage during the transfer. The meals are prepared fresh before being delivered, which is evident from the taste.

Food 3/5
Beverages 3/5

Pineapple Strawberry Juice

DSC_0191A sweet, fresh fruit juice, with pineapple and strawberry as the main ingredients, is refreshing for the throat, to wash down the excess fibre and make your meal more digestive.

Nutri Fit Main Course Meals

Grilled Chicken Breast In Cherry Lemon Sauce

Grilled Chicken Breast in Cherry Lemon Sauce

Served with potato mash, this preparation can also have its fans sorted, who enjoy the flavour of cherry tomatoes and lemon.

Oven Roasted Fish Fillet In Cocopesto
Oven Roasted Fish Fillet in Cocopesto

A sweet flavoured sauce of pesto and coconut milk, this fish preparation is recommended for fish lovers. However, slicing the fish fillets in chunks would make it easier for one cut and eat the, instead of whole fillets.

Over Roasted Fish Fillet In Peri Peri Sauce

Oven Roasted Fish Fillet in Cocopesto

Accompanied with potato mash, this is a peri peri sauce based dish and can be made spicy on request. It can also be enjoyed with brown rice or quinoa.

Cottage Cheese Mash In Rose Sauce

Cottage Cheese Mash in Rose Sauce

Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a pink sauce, a combination of red and white sauce, is a good choice for vegetarians, paired with crunchy grilled vegetables.

Cottage Cheese Mash With Coastal Lime

Cottage Cheese Mash with Coastal Lime

A fresh and healthy preparation that tastes great on heating, especially for those who enjoy cottage cheese. Combine it with brown rice, quinoa, grilled vegetables or potato mash.

Nutri Punch GK 1 New Delhi is definitely for the weight watchers and if you are one, you must try it.

Meal For Two: Rs. 600
Address: 33, Ground Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi
Tel: 8586868665