Family Values Come ComplementaryPassionate, Elegant and Independent and of course Beautiful – all these words instantly come in our mind when we talk about a Bengali Girl! She is the perfect example of ‘Beauty with Brains’! The ideal amount of feminism blended with oodles of intellect, Bengali (or Bong, as we lovingly call them!) Girls are what you would confident and opinionated. On the other hand, she is extremely loving, caring and sensitive too! All the men out there, can you think of a better combination than this? If you are still not convinced, then we have 8 solid reasons for you to date a Bengali Girls –

Eyes That Can Kill Anybody!Eyes That Can Kill Anybody!It goes without saying that Bong Girls have the most beautiful big and intense eyes! And with that kohl of theirs, they make you go weak in every body part, let alone knees! (No exaggeration there!)

Always a Foodie!If there is one thing you can be sure of with a Bong Girl, it is that she’ll never go on a diet. And didn’t you always want your girl to be a foodie just like you? Trust us; she’s going to give you a tough competition in eating. This is because, she is never unnecessarily conscious about being in shape. (Apparently because she already is in shape, because of secret unknown reasons!)

A Book Is All She Needs!A Book Is All She Needs!Where did she get all that intellect and intelligence from? It’s because she’s totally into books. And that makes it extremely easy for you to please her. Just give her a good book, and she’ll love you like anything. It saves you so many efforts, days of contemplating and most importantly, it is pocket-friendly!

Independent And ConfidentIndependent And ConfidentBoys have always dreaded one thing in a relationship, and that is their girlfriends being over-clingy and dependent on them. These annoying habits make boys lose their interest. But when you are dating a Bong Girl, you are completely in safe hands. Bengali Girls are awfully independent and mature, so clinginess and possessiveness take a U-turn!

Sanjeev Kapoor In The House!Sanjeev Kapoor In The House!Bengali Girls are awesome cooks and they are going to make you drool with their finger-licking homemade food! Guys, you will have your personal Sanjeev Kapoor in home. Just imagine! And as they, ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ (No matter how sexist that sounds!), it isn’t entirely false!

Saree Is Totally Her Thing!Saree Is Totally Her Thing!If you think that her beautiful eyes are not enough, then seeing her in a saree will probably clear all your doubts. She carries the elegant attire of saree like nobody else. And even if they don’t say it, guys adore girls in ethnic wear!

Boring? What Is That?Boring What Is ThatAfter a certain period of time in a relationship, you feel that the spark has gone or maybe everything has become slow and dull. But when dating a Bong Beauty, there will never be a dull moment with her. They are very talkative and by that we don’t mean they are always blabbering! They will have meaningful discussions on the most random of topics, be it intense or funny, and you will never be able to get enough of her!

Family Values Come ComplementaryFamily Values Come ComplementaryDespite the fact that they are self-reliant and independent, family values are ingrained in them. They always keep their family first and if by any chance you are planning to take your relationship to the next level, your family members are going to be very fond of her.