Mcdonald’s In India
Source: Consumer Blog

All the Delhiites who frequently have a craving for McDonald’s, you might get a shock because we have some bad news for you. Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL) and McDonald’s have been at loggerheads since quite some time now, but the fight has taken a serious turn now as 43 out of total 55 outlets of McDonald’s are shutting down on 29th June and we have no clue whether they’ll be back or not.

Most of the outlets of McDonald’s were under CPRL and since the quarrel is affecting the brand, such a big decision had to be taken. For all those who are not aware, CPRL is a local joint venture (50:50) between McDonald’s and Vikram Bakshi that handles this food chain in East and North India.

We are already tensed that getting that McAloo Tikki or Chicken McGrill won’t be feasible like before. But the saddest part remains that, in the entire process of suspension, around 1700 people will lose their jobs.

Vikram Bakshi, his wife, and two representatives of McDonald’s are still on the CPRL Board. The decision of shutting down the outlets was taken on Wednesday morning.

While the reasons for Mcdonalds shutdown in Delhi has not been disclosed yet by the joint venture partner, sources have revealed that CPRL was unable to renew the regulatory health licenses which are compulsory, because of the continuing disharmony between McDonald’s and Vikram Bakshi.

Now, we can only wait and watch till the cold blood between both the parties vanishes!