Don’t go by its ‘name’, as the ‘fame’ is enough to introduce this amazing concept where hand-painting is intermingled with some exclusive products which are used in our day to day life to give them an ‘elegant-effect’.

Handmade Painting

All of us must be using pots, cups, lamps, jars or bottles in our day to day life in their ordinary versions. At Mango-chutney, explore their out-of-league versions by adding some ‘oomph’ to them with exclusive hand-paintings. Moreover, these hand-painted products in Mumbai are heat-proof and toxic free complying with the high health-related standards.

Other products such as stones, canvas, pots or invitation cards are also available with a ‘water-proof’ add-on. A ‘art form’ i.e. hand-painting along with modern day-to-day essentials. Esha Nagar and Manthan Shukla are the two budding artists who are credited for the origination of this brilliant concept. A team of talented students from various Art College also renders a ‘creative-hand’ in designing a commendable free-hand portrait.

Sachin Tendulkar

If you are a football freak or a movie-buff, Mango Chutney in Mumbai has something in its kitty for everyone to offer. Grab an amazing portrait of Sachin Tendulkar at Mango Chutney who is literally a “God of Cricket” or bring a smile to your kids by presenting them a unique Cup with ‘Minions’ picture hand-painted over it. And if you are a fashion-freak, nothing cans elite you more than getting your favourite T-shirt hand-printed at a nominal price starting from 500 bucks. Pleasing Acrylic shades are used which are fabric-friendly and gives an eye-catchy look to your wardrobe.


Latest arrivals here are the hand-painted hookahs by Mango Chutney, which not merely adds a class to your home-decor but also holds uniqueness as a product. For Diwali or regional festivals, grab some hand-painted diyas that too add an extra-elegance to your decor. Collections of game of thrones characters as well as movie posters are also available in their hand-printed versions here.

So, grab your free-hand portrait in Mumbai today and go classy!

Creativity by Esha Nagar & Manthan Shukla from Tilak Nagar, Mumbai