Fresh Shakes In Mumbai

“Be different and drink freak shakes instead of the boring old milkshakes”

Basically, Freak shakes are an evolved version of the milkshakes that are usually overloaded with colourful edibles, like waffle sticks and many more things like ice creams, fruits or biscuits like Oreo. They give you a refreshing start and help you entertain your taste-buds.

Let’s see some of the top Freak shakes in Mumbai.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freak Shakes
Address: Multiple Outlets
Estimated Cost: Rs. 130 plus taxes

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freak Shakes

One of the top Fruit inspired milkshake in Mumbai has been given a complete makeover by adding vanilla ice cream, milk, dated caramel along with whipped cream and apple slices and it’s not done yet, they also add mini apple pies. We can bet you, that you will definitely fall in love with this Mumbai freak shake.

Red Velvet
145 Kala Ghoda
Address: 145, Kala Goda, Fort, Mumbai
Estimated Cost: Rs. 230 plus taxes

Red Velvet

Straight from the oven, the taste of Red velvet has caught fire among the people with a sweet tooth. The rich and gooey taste of the Red Velvet Sponge shake comes from blending it with the ice cream, milk and vanilla ice cream and gives it a perfect taste. This freak shake is served with the topping of gems that makes it adorably sweet.

Melbourne Freak Shakes
Di Bella Coffee
Address: Title Waves, Ground Floor, St Pauls Media Complex, 24th Road TPS III, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Estimated Cost: Rs. 350 plus taxes

Melbourne Freak Shakes

Invented by a well renowned Australian Master Chocolatier Arno Backes, this Freak shake of Mumbai will definitely make you fall in love with the chocolate all over again. The perfect blend of thick chocolate ganche and cream along with the dark chocolate and crispy pearls, this shake is the ultimate hit. And the ingredients are still not over, the shake also includes Victoria Chocolate sticks, Oreo cookies, swirl of whipped cream and topping of Australian Waffles. Trust us! It is enough to fill you up for 3 hours.

Caramelised Apple-Marshmallow Freak Shake
Mighty Small
Address: City Studio, Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills Compound, Gate No. 4, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Estimated Cost: Rs. 300 plus taxes

Caramelized Apple-Marshmallow Freak Shake

Best freak shake for the marshmallow lovers that combines apple and cinnamon and is served with the topping of Salted Caramel and Marshmallows. The amazing and soothing blend of sweet and salty flavours puts this shake at the top of our list.

These are some awesome Freak shakes of Mumbai that you must try to taste heaven on Earth in Mumbai.