Chor Bazar

Famously known as Thieves Market in Mumbai, many have perception that stolen goods are available here at dirt cheap. The fact is, it is famous for second hand products and you can find here anything as per your requirement. This multi lane flea market has gradually become a Tourist Attraction because of its commendable offerings. The USP of the place is you can fetch any outdated or old product which is generally not available in the regular markets.

Right from home decor range to incredible gadgets including mobiles and laptops, the place is up with each and every utility at use. It is believed that market was formally called as ‘Shor’ Bazaar due to chaotic atmosphere all around and it gradually derived its name as ‘Chor’ Bazaar out of British mispronunciation. There is a famous adage in the city that in case you lost anything within city; go and grab it at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai.

Another popular story associated with the market is that while unloading violin as well as some other belongings got missed for Queen Victoria were later found here on sale. This ‘organized’ flea market also offers replacement parts of automobiles, authentic Victorian furniture, vintage and antique items as well as a shop specifically dedicated for famous Bollywood posters on sale.

Juma Market and Mini Market are two of its important sub divisions. To grab Bollywood related stuffs as posters and other trinkets, Mini Market is the perfect place to hang on. If you head to Juma market, furniture, tools and hardware you will find here in plenty.

This Bazaar has a fascinating history of over 150 years and considered as one of the oldest markets in Mumbai. This busiest place lies in the South Mumbai near Bhindi Bazaar. Grand Truck railway station is the closest station to the place. Just 25 minutes away from famous Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, you can take Bus, Taxi or Auto-Rickshaw to reach the place as well.

So, to explore the remnants of Old-Bombay, a visit to this ‘Shopaholic Paradise’ is must!

Address: Mutton St, Ajmer, Kumbharwada, Mumbai (Map)
Timings: 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM