Cycling Tour

Mumbai roads are considered as one of the busiest roads in the country. Once stuck in Traffic jams, there is no surety when you will reach to your desired destination. Amidst all this hustle and bustle, have you ever thought of exploring this city of Dreams on a Cycle?

Paddle down the lanes of Mumbai before the City actually wakes up, which might become a lifetime experience for you. The exciting Mumbai unveils its new Horizons to these ‘Paddlers’ in this half-day tour. The calm and cooling weather add charm to city’s famous insights on this remarkable Cycling Tour.

Start your mesmerizing journey from Kailash Prabat Restaurant and then proceed to the busiest Railway Station in the country – CST station. The place has Tourist Relevance from the fact that a song from the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was shot here. After exploring its facades, proceed to SASSOON Deck which is the major Fish loading and Trading Centre of Mumbai. The original inhabitants of Mumbai – Kolis are found here working on this place. It was built up by David Sassoon and hence named over his surname.

Head to one of the oldest place which is renowned for cow welfare in Mumbai also known as BOMBAY PANJRAPOLE, you may locate approximately 350 cows here away from the City’s chaos. For spirituality, visit the historical Hindu Temple – MUMBADEVI TEMPLE. The City has been named from this Temple and it is one of the Oldest Temples here.

Ride yourself to MARINE DRIVE, 3 km long Exotic Journey along the Arabian Sea Coast. The serenity of the place is best enjoyed during Morning. Finally you will reach CRAWFORD MARKET which is city’s Largest wholesale vegetable, fruit and meat market.

Make this weekend wonderful, and begin your fresh week with a fresh beginning after this Exotic Cycling view.

PS: There are several Cycle Tour operators in Mumbai offering different Cycle Tours of phenomenal Mumbai.