Vastu TipsVastu Shastra- the traditional Hindu system of architecture is the Science of Architecture in Hindu religion. Different texts available in Indian subcontinent tell you about your home design, plot, layout and design etc. The fundamental reason to follow these principals is to keep the God of Wealth- Kuber Dev happy. It is believed that keeping Kuber Dev happy would make you wealthy.

Some Key Tips For Wealth:

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The North Eastern portion of your home should not be filled with anything, the place should be empty and free. if you want, you can put Lightweight things.

Lord Kuber

Lord Kuber sits on the north side and if you have a cash locker place it on the south side of your home, so that lord will shower more and more wealth directly on you.

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Avoid curving walls at the north eastern corners. Make it in the right angles.

Home Sweet Home

Shadow of any building should not fall directly to your home as it will lead to loss in Wealth.

Higher Elevation
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Try to avoid buying house which has lower elevation than other homes in your surroundings. Buy a place with a higher elevation or same elevation.

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Do not plant Trees in North Eastern direction of your home as it will cause loss in Wealth.

Water Fountain
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Try to build a Water Fountain in the North Eastern direction and make sure that the fountain is always running. It results in flow of Wealth and Energy.

These Vastu tips do make Kuber Lord happy and following them will make your life happy and wealthy.