5 Foods To Avoid When You Are Drunk

Alcohol accompanied by Junk food is always exotic to your taste-buds but it actually heck your digestive system. Below are 5 foods that should be strictly evaded while or after drinks:

Highly abandoned food while drinks, this contains gallops of tomato ketchups which when combines with alcohol, turn acidic and leads to acidity. For ardent Pizza lovers, White pizza can work out better as it has no ketchup and can be garnished with healthy toppings.

Chocolates and Pastries
High in sugar contents, this will boost your urge for alcohol. Like salt, sugar also exaggerates your thirst and you will indulge into drinking more alcohol to curb it.  Sweets are always full of empty calories which is never a good idea even under normal circumstances. So cravings for alcohol and sweets are proportionate to each other and you’ll end up stuffing down one after the other for both.

Fries and Chips
High with salt content, these stuff make you thirsty and you might end up with more alcohol consumption in quest with quench your thirst. High oil content will make you queasy and might let you suffer from cramps in stomach due to dehydration.

Spicy Stuff
Spicy stuff may generally inflict havoc in your digestive system. But it tends to heck your stomach more when or while drinks. So it is advisable to avoid any hot sauce and stuff with alcohol else you may end up with multiple trips to restroom.

Citrus Fruits
Fruits seem a healthy option to binge on at any time of day. But Citrus fruits should be evaded in course of a drinking session or even after it. Acid in citrus fruits can instigate digestive issues. Opt for Banana, which is high in potassium can undo dehydrating effects of alcohol to an extent.

Although eating before drinks is always recommendable as it restricts your alcohol consumption to an extent but a bit of munching on mini burgers and light sandwiches can be a good idea as well!