Cover ImageBreakups are always unpleasant and heartbreaking, no matter what the reason behind the breakup was. It might have ended on an ugly note or you might have mutually taken the decision, but that doesn’t lessen the pain after it.

While most of us just can’t stand the sight of our exes, some of us act with maturity and remain friends with our exes even post breakup! Although, it may sound difficult to imagine being casual friends with your ex, but it’s actually normal once you have completely moved on. If you are still Friends with your Ex, you will totally get these 10 things! –

There’s Ambiguity In Everybody’s Mind About The Status Of Your Relationship
Most of your friends assume that you guys are still in a relationship and the others who know that you have broken up keep pestering you with different questions. They even give you weird looks when you tell them about your friendship with your ex!

It’s Actually Very Complicated
You may be taking it as a normal friendship but sometimes it can get messy. Because as they say, your past never leaves you! *sigh*

You Must Have Heard Gazillion Times That You Are Still Not Over Him/Her
You must have gotten this lecture from your close friends that if you don’t stop being friends, you will never be able to move on. But hello? Haven’t you already moved on and that is the reason of being friends in the first place?

Jealousy Becomes Your Second Nature
Admit it or not, even if you have moved on, it’s next to impossible seeing your ex with someone else and being totally fine with it! You might have tried many times to not get jealous of their potential partners but what you really want to do is to shoo them away!

Often Thinking About A Future With Them Is Common
There are so many times when you imagine yourself with them in the future in a happily ever after scenario! Sometimes, you both discuss the reasons of your breakup and how you both could have compromised a little more.

Your Friends Are Against This Friendship
Your friends are always telling you that you will get hurt later if you don’t take a stand now! And all you can do to them is *facepalm*

Wait! We Are Not Dating!
Since you had been dating for a long time and even after the breakup they were still always around you, you guys just tend to forget sometimes that you are not a couple anymore. In those moments, you behave like a couple and it’s sweet!

They Will Remain Always One Of The Most Important
The fact that you both did not end up together doesn’t really matter, because they were and will be extremely important in your life.

You Both Are So Compatible In A Friendship
You must have shared a really good connection with each other and that is why you were in a relationship. This makes you both extremely comfortable with each other where you can even talk shit without the fear of being judged!

You Are Just Clueless About Why You Didn’t End Up Together
You both have the time of your lives when you are together but still were not compatible in a relationship. And therefore, it makes you crazy to understand why it didn’t work out. But as they say, some people are just meant to be friends!

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