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Food from every region has its own characteristics. Delicious food is made all over the world. It is the different varieties that add spice to our life. Whether it is the roasts of North America or the distinctive food of China, one will never get spiritless about food if he is open to experimentation. This includes a voluntary effort to try new dishes with various aromas.
Here is a list of the five international cuisines you need to try in Kolkata!

Where? : Flavours of China, Park Street; Chinoiserie, Alipore; Kim Fa, Tangra; Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Ballygunge Circular Road; Mainland China, Ballygunge Circular Road;Chowman, Ballygunge Phari;Eau Chew, Ganesh Chandra Avenue; Tung Fong, Park Street; Yauatcha, Syed Amir Ali Avenue; Marco Polo, Park Street;


The dishes are primarily spicy and tangy and can be relished with a lot of gusto. Chilly Chicken is the most popular dish. The staple food is rice and noodles. Instead of the regular spoon or fork, you will have to relish the meals with chopsticks which is an equally exciting experience. The different varieties of meat they use will make your mouth water. Most of the Chinese dishes in Kolkata or anywhere are spicy and will make your mouth water.

Where?: Benjarong, Jodhpur Park; The Blue Door, Gariahat; Legacy Of China, Salt Lake; La Komida, Jadavpur; Hungry Hunter, Dhakuria; Hogwartz Den, Garia; Spice Project, New Market; Waldorf, Park Street; The Chinese Pavilion, Ballygunge


Thai cuisine in Kolkata is very popular. The main ingredients used in Thai dishes are coconut, lemon grass and thai basil. It is very popular in the city of joy. Chilli is also added generously to stir fried rice and noodle dishes which is mixed with lots of vegetables and curry sauces.

Where?:Serafina, Ballygunge; The Firefly, Kankurgachhi; Afraa Deli, Rajarhat; Little Italy, Camac Street; Mio Amore, Kankurgachhi; Stun The Sun, Camac Street; Fire And Ice, Park Street

Source:Crazy Masala Food

Foodies in Kolkata cannot think of staying away from an Italian meal for too long. Be it take always or fine dining, you will find an outlet in every nook and corner of the city. The typical Italian products are tomatoes, basil, olive oil and prosciutto. A ten course Italian meal in Kolkata is very common from Aperitivo to Cafe. You cannot forget to have the desserts at the end of the meal which consist of cheesecake, ice-cream, fruit, sweets and cookies.

Mythh – Hotel Hindusthan International, AJC Bose Road; Chili’s Gri, Prince Anwar Shah Roadll & Bar; Jalapenos, Camac Street Area; Raj Spanish Cafe, Sudder Street; Hakuna Matata, Park Street; The Shack Lounge, Ballygunge

Source:What’s Up Life

Chicken, tamales, tortillas, gorditas, corn, rice and beans are the basics of Mexican food in Kolkata. Mexican meals have slowly gained popularity in Kolkata. Who can resist freshly prepared tamales, tortillas, gorditas, corn, rice and beans. To add to the flavour it is braced up with lots of chilli, cinnamon, cumin, garlic and onions.

Where?: The Wall, Ballygunge; Zodiac – Fortune Park Panchwati, Bankra; The Oriental Express- Hotel Hindustan, A.J.C. Bose Road; Pan Asian – ITC Sonar, Science City Area; The Sushi Oke, Park Street; Zen – The Park, Park Street

Source:Whats Hot Delhi

Everybody might have heard of the Sushi and Sashimi. List of Japanese cuisine in Kolkata, of course, boasts more. This speciality has gained a good reputation amongst foodies in Kolkata. Mostly had raw, some of the dishes are also grilled, simmered, deep-fried, steamed or dressed. Sea food, tofu or vegetables form the integral elements of the meal.

So, get going and explore the International cuisines in Kolkata with respective foods in mind.