Wear The Right ClothesNo matter how busy you are, you should always make time for running every day. Running in Summers is certainly not easy especially with the scorching heat coming at you. However, number of running enthusiasts has been increasing in India, especially due to more number of marathons now-a-days. Summers are not the best Season to run though, as it can cause severe injuries to you, and thus make sure you follow some Tips described below about relating to diet, apparel etc so that you don’t get exhausted while running.

Run-Walk-RunRun-Walk-RunRun –Walk-Run method initiated by American Olympian Jeff Galloway is one fine technique used to run long distances without getting tired. According to the method, walk for one round and then jog for one round. Do this for 3 Weeks and then change the Pattern. Add one more round of running. After some time Run 3 rounds as you jog against one round. This will help you to run long distances without getting tired.

Wear The Right ClothesWear The Right ClothesMake sure you wear right clothes while running. Runners do face problems like irritation, redness and pain on skin. Constant friction between skin and the apparels causes problems. Always keep a wet towel with yourself. Try to Run wearing Shorts, Dry fit breathable T-shirts. This will help you keeping a constant Body Temperature.

Hydrate Yourself ConstantlyHydrate Yourself ConstantlyAlways keep a Water Bottle with you while you are running. Drink Water after every 15 minutes of Running. It will help you avoid dehydration and thus helps in Running better. Avoiding water will lead to Cramps in the body and if you continue to run without consuming water, you will eventually collapse.

Take Small LoopsTake Small LoopsPrefer running in loops rather than Running a Long Distance. Each loop should cover a distance of atleast 1.5 to 2 Kms.

Avoid Running On An Empty Stomach

Avoid Running On An Empty Stomach
Source: Times of India

Drink at least 200 ml of Water before you start running. Drinking Milk or Tea could be a bad idea as it can lead to Vomiting sometimes. Don’t take Protein supplements as it triggers the urge to urinate. Have some Carbs in the night rather than fats if you are planning to run early morning. Carbs digest faster than fat.