Cover ImageDoesn’t matter if you have a hectic schedule, working out Every Day is indispensable to live a Healthy Life. However, not much people stick to their obligation and stop training their muscles.

What they don’t know are the consequences of leaving the Gym after some time. There are various changes that take place in the body when you stop hitting the gym.

Following are 5 things that happen when you stop Working Out:

Muscles Become Smaller In Size:
Muscles Become Smaller In SizeYou will start to feel your Muscles Shrinking, when you stop working out for just 5 Days. Moreover it will be more difficult for you now to burn fat easily. Also, you will feel more tired than before.

Fastens Your Blood Pressure:Fastens Your Blood Pressure

You Blood Pressure increases when you stop Working Out. Your Blood Vessels will stop moving and thus increases your Blood Pressure. And you can only bring back your Blood Vessels to normal by Training your Muscles again.

Weakens Your Bones:Weakens Your Bones

Not going to Gym regularly is the main reason of your Weak Bones. Exercising makes your Bone Healthy and save you from the risk of osteoporosis.

Results In More Anger:
Results In More AngerStudies have shown that doing work out regularly makes you happy as it releases the feel-good Endorphins. But the moment you stop working out, it will lead to Exhaustion, Anger etc.

Increases Your Blood Sugar Levels:
Increases Your Blood Sugar LevelsYou will see a rise in Blood Sugar Level when you stop working out for just 5 Days. Eventually it results in Diabetes and Heart Disease.