Green Tea Leaves
Source: Verdant Tea

Green Tea has proved to be the Healthiest Beverage on the Planet and we all are aware of its amazing Health Benefits. Dipping the Green Tea Bags in the Hot Water, it’s very easy to make, but according to Nutritionist it’s better to have green tea leaves rather than Green Tea bags.

Here’s why you should take Green Tea Leaves instead of Green Tea Bags:

Caffeine content: To pack Green Tea Leaves in the Bag, you have to chop those leaves into tiny particles. In this way you lose some of its Caffeine. Drinking Organic Tea Leaves will have more Caffeine and further ensure that it has lesser Chemicals and Pesticides.

Organic Tea Leaves remain intact for a much longer time than Tea Bags as the latter consist of large pieces of Tea Leaves. While purchasing Tea Leaves, make sure you buy hand harvested leaves over machine Harvested Leaves.

Antioxidants: Also the Tea Bag has lesser amount of catechins than Tea Leaves. Catechins have the tendency to degrade over time, and thus you cannot store much catechins in Tea Bags.

It might take time to make loose Tea but having Green Tea Leaves instead of using Tea Bags proves to be more beneficial.