Be careful ladies! Blistering sun and terribly warm breeze are targeting our skins and are at their peak to hurt our splendors this summer. Let’s take the oath to follow these 7 beauty regimes strictly and betray the summer and preserve our radiance throughout the season.

Beat The Heat

Walk Out With Umbrella and Sun’s Screen During Day Time

Of course, you can’t afford tanned skin -right? Best way is to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Season brings in the trend of fashionable, chic umbrellas for girls. That’s so cool! Who could have thought of protection from sun could be so fashionable? Also, do not forget to wear sun’s screen – whether it’s day or night, it always protects and soothes the skin.

At least 8-10 Glasses of Water In A Day

Pledge to drink at least 2 glasses of water in morning, immediately after you wake up. Water in empty stomach does away acidity issues and speeds up the body’s metabolism. Ooops! Does that give you a clever reason to avoid rest of the glasses of water? Don’t even think about it. Skin that glows and shines is a result of hydration. Avoiding water means avoiding hydration which, in turn, means saying good bye to the healthy skin this summer and which also means early ageing signs.

Be Fruity And Juicy This Summer

Ah! That’s the perfect thing for summer. Stick to the water and citrus fruits and juices as much as you can. Water hydrates the skin, making it healthy and glowing while citrus purifies and brightens up the skin from the depth. And of course, anti-oxidants in fruits are, too, essential to speed up the metabolism of the body and maintaining health of the skin.

Switch Off Caffeinated Drinks & Beverages For The Season

Let’s promise ourselves that we’ll not say ‘yes’ to caffeinated drinks and beverages this summer. Caffeine is a sweet poison that will breach your nervous system bringing its adverse impact, which brings about more stress to the mind. More stress means early signs of ageing and we don’t want to look old – right? Plus, it’s the major cause of dehydration. Keeping it away in summers is the best solution for protecting ourselves against dehydration.

Moisturize The Skin Day & Night

Provide more moisture to your skin. Apply quality moisturizers and body lotion on your face and body, respectively, the number of times possible. Carry it to the office, college, on date, in party – wherever you are. Moisture! Moisture! Moisture! Keep the skin wet every time and prevent the dryness. The latter is the major cause for scaly and aged skin.

‘Less’ Is The Best Makeup Regime

Sun is very rude. He cannot let us enjoy the makeup in summers. Products and chemicals react adversely on exposure to the sun and leave the skin damaged for long-term. Best is to apply less chemicals and makeup. Go with quality and branded makeup and cosmetic products if you can’t live without it.

Avoid The Junks Completely

Now ‘Yummy’ and ‘delicious’ words shall be for home-made and mom-made foods. Junk foods are absolutely unhealthy for body system as well as skin – as we have been studying it since class 5 in our schools. Isn’t it? Well, it’s our tongues who are to be blamed for our spoilt customs. But not anymore! Let’s pledge – we’ll stay away from junk foods during summers completely.

Now that we’ve done with our new-summer resolutions, we have taken the pledge to protect our skins to the level best during the hot season.