Healthy Fat Food

Beating the myth that fatty foods always result in gaining weight, studies and researches have proven that these 6 foods containing fats and carbs help in losing weight. According to a recent study, eating fat does not make you fat but eating right kind of fat is one of the ways to lose weight. Which fat can really make you fat? Trans fats and Saturated Fats.

Trans Fats are generally found in baked goodies, cakes, pie crust whereas the saturated fats are to be found in processed foods and grain-fed meats. These are the main sources of adding heavy calories while destroying nutritive bottom line in the body. And the healthy fats do exactly the contrary – they are responsible for repressing appetite, cutting down calories while boosting health and body metabolism.

1. Almond Butter

Almond Butter

Despite high fat content in Almonds, the better-butter fact is that the almond butter is found to help reducing weight faster than the butter with low calories. How? Almonds contain a compound that slows down the process of fat absorption in the body barring the complete absorption. Hence, most of the fats are passed out through the undigested.

Ways to Consume: Spread it over toast or have a spoonful of butter mixed with oatmeal.

2. Coconut
Coconut Oil
Ever heard of Lauric acid? Well, that’s a unique lipid that fights the bacteria and help improving cholesterol score. Coconuts are generally rich in saturated fats but over half of these come from the Lauric acid. A study unveiled that if coconut oil is taken as a dietary supplement, it aids in reducing abdominal obesity.

Ways to Consume: Use coconut milk in a stir-fry. Take coconut oil in diet, or sprinkle the flakes over yoghurt and other foods.

3. Natural Greek Yoghurt
Natural Greek Yoghurt
Simple yoghurt contains as much sugar as a candy bar. If you are consuming those yoghurts in your everyday meal, you are most likely to consume candy bar every day. That’s harmful. Greek yoghurt, on the other hand, is rich in protein and fats. Where protein takes time to break down, fats make your tummy feel full. So, your morning can be driven without the urge of crunching and munching. (Available In India at

Ways to Consume: Take small bowl full of yoghurt with breakfast.

4. Avocado
A fruit to be known as Mother Nature’s butter, you need not fear the fat content but enjoy it in limited amount – quarter or half. Containing oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, it helps suppressing the feel of hunger. Moreover, protein and fiber content is an add-on health benefit that no other butter can provide.

Ways to Consume: Scoop out the edible part and eat it plain, or make it tangy with little olive oil, pepper and salt.

5. Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Your dream for flat belly can now come true as you eat dark chocolates. Myth is doing the round that people eating chocolates gain more calories and more fat but the truth is dark chocolate, if taken 2 hours before the meal, can help you reduce weight. How is it possible? It is possible because it contains lots and lots of cocoa butter which is believed to be the source of stearic acid. The latter slows down the digestion and make your tummy feel full.

Ways to Consume: Eat 90gms (approx..) of dark chocolate just 2 hours before meal.

6. Olive Oil
Olive Oil
Although deprived of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, Olive oil is still considered to be carrying healthy fat. Powerful anti-inflammatory compound and nutrients in it help reducing weight. A research has suggested that a diet containing olive oil has Adiponectin, a hormone for fat break down. The level of adiponectin is higher in olive-oil- rich diets as compared to the diets with high carbs or protein. To achieve lower BMI (Body Mass Index), consume more of olive oil.

Ways to Consume: Use as cooking oil, or dressings in salads and sprouts.

So, do away the myth of eating fat is gaining fat like eating money is getting rich. Enjoy your share of fat every day to stay slim and fit.