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Mango – the King of Fruits has the Scientific name Magnifera indica, belongs to the Drupe family of Olives, Dates, and Coconut. The National Fruit of India, Pakistan, Philippines, and National Tree of Bangladesh, is supposed to be originated in East India, the Andaman Island, and Burma (now known as Myanmar). It is the most popular and probably the most cherished fruit in the world, and is also a mine of benefits. Its unique smell alone is capable to boost the appetite and it possess Nutrients, which make it worthy of being called a super food. It come in about thirteen different varieties i.e.

• Dusheri
• Langara
• Kesar
• Alphonso
• Chaunsa
• Sindheri
• Ratnagiri
• Sammar Bahist
• Fajri
• Devgarghi
• Totiya
• Sapheda
• Baiganpally

A healthy and completely ripened Mango of average size may weight about 200gm, and gives about 120 to 150 Kcal. A 100 gm of Mango possess following nutrients:
TableAnti- Carcinogenic

Mango pulp is rich in Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and Carotenoids (α & β) which have rejuvenating effects. It also contains Antioxidants like Terpenoids, Polyphenols, which help against Breast Cancer. Many of the studies conducted recently tells that, it is also a Prime source of a special compound mangiferin, which along with the other Antioxidants, prevents Leukemia, Colon, Liver, Lung, Prostate and many of the other types of Cancer. These compounds also helps against inflammation in various body Organs

Prevents Asthma

As already said before, mango contains antioxidants α- and β- Caretenoid which are known to have a positive effect on the respiratory system, they helps in keeping the Lung’s Bronchioles and Alveoli healthy and helps to prevent Asthma.

Heart Health And Blood Pressure

Mango contains high amount of Dietary Fiber, Minerals, Vitamins, and Antioxidants that have positive effects on Blood Sugar and Body Fat. The Caretenoids help against free radicals that cause Heart Disease. As Potassium is present in abundance, it helps with the Sodium Potassium – Balance of the Body and protects against many Cardio-Vascular disease. The potassium present in Mangoes helps the ion balance in blood directly affecting the Blood Pressure, keeps it under control.

Cholesterol Cutter

Pectin and Mangiferin are the compounds high in Mangoes known to lower the level of LDL- the bad Cholesterol and boost the levels of HDL – the good Cholesterol, shifting the balance for better.

Scared Of Diabetes?

The dietary Fiber and the exclusive compound Mangiferin present in Mangoes, along with the α- & β- Carotenoids are helpful for a lowered Blood Sugar Levels, as well as prevents sudden Blood Sugar peaks.

The Aphrodisiac

The high content of Vitamin E along with the Carotenoids, known to have boosting as well as protecting effects for Sperms and Gonads in men; while the reserves of Zinc present in mangoes is the Boon for Male and Female Fertility; altogether a good Aphrodisiac.

Spoiled Digestion..? Go For It

The Dietary Fiber along with Pectin, is good for Digestion as it prevents constipation. The Carotenoids, Crypto-Xanthin, Mangiferin, Zinc and Potassium work for the intestine as anti- inflammatory as well as for nourishment. Mangoes do contain some Digestive Enzymes which help with the Digestion of Proteins.

Boon For Eyes

Among the richest source of vitamin A and Caretenoids Mangoes are the Treat for the people suffering from Eye Muscles weakness and deteriorating Eye-Sight. Mangoes are also rich in Zeaxanthin a Carotenoid , among the main constituents of the Human Eye’s retina protects it from blue light and is crucial for its Health and proper functioning. Zeaxantin along with Cryptoxanthin, and Lupeol also prevents the age related Degeneration of Macula- the central spot over Retina responsible for visual acuity.

Weak Memory …?

Rich in Vitamin B6 mangoes helps in enhancing the cognitive development of Brain and also has protective function for neurons and prevents early degenerative changes. The Iron content in mangoes aids to the normal functioning of Brain and improves memory.

Skin & Hairs

Skin the outer protective layer of our body suffers a lot of wear and tear and immensely damaged by the U V Radiation of the Sun. The β-Carotene in Mango is known to be Photo-protective in nature and protects Skin from harmful U V Radiation. Vitamin A helps in oily skin, acne, skin growth, and repairs of fine lines; the poly-phenols have anti-cancer properties. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production for hairs, β-Carotene helps with dandruff and vitamin A makes them shiny, while Vitamin E helps in overall nourishment for skin and hairs too. Mango is the Fruit you must add to your diet for Healthy Hair & Skin.

Strong Bones And Teeth

Mangoes have enough amounts of Calcium, Phosphorusand Vitamin K to make yours Bones and Teeth healthy. Vitamin A helps in Growth, Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production necessary for Bone and other connective Tissue. Mangoes also contain lupeol which has Anti Inflammatory and Anti-Arthritis properties

Healthy Immune System

Vitamin C present in Mangoes is known to strengthen immunity and to enhance absorption of iron in the intestines; while Zinc is important for overall healthy and effective immune system. The Tannins, Saponnins, and Flavonoids present in Mangoes have Anti-Ulcer properties, also improve Liver function, and keeps the Thyroid gland healthy.