10 Ways to Stay Healthy & Hydrated In Summers
Sweaty summers are back and so, is the problem of dehydration again. We tend to drink loads and loads of water out of excessive sweating but do you think water is enough to crunch our thirst and keep us hydrated all the time? Of course NOT. Although water is the most important nutrient of our body and we need it right from regulating body temperature to carry oxygen to cells, still just intake of water is not enough to keep you at bay from dehydration and stay healthy. Here are the 10 best ways in which we can keep ourselves completely hydrated and can beat this scorching heat this season.

Turn on to Fruits : With 92% of water content, fruits are the holy grail for skin. This summer nothing more than fresh fruits can hydrate the skin from inside out. Turn on to watermelons, musk-melons, citrus fruits and all those fruits that you think you can grab it in a day. Be fruity this summer!

Make salad an add-on : Salads not only curb your hunger but they are equally efficient in hydrating your body. Veggies like Lettuce that contain 96% water while cucumber keeps you cool. Celery stalks have 95% of water, high in fiber and rich in minerals and vitamin K. Carrots, tomatoes and cabbage can be in the list as well.

Splurge onto soups: Soups are not only the healthy option but they are the tasty substitutes to the tasteless water. Summers adversely affects the digestive system resulting in its slow function but such foods are easy to be digested and keep one cool as per perspiration theory.

Fat free/ Skimmed Milk : Organic milk contains the most of the health benefits in summers. High on calcium is a must in your diet for good bone density and maintenance of good teeth apart from compensating your water requirements.

Coffee : From the recent surveys, a myth has been disapproved that coffee causes dehydration. Not only a cup of coffee forms a part of your daily water needs, it’s a great energy booster and reduces the risk of many serious ailments. But surely, it has to be black coffee and not the creamy cappuccino.

Coconut Water : It can be treated as a bliss for summers. Not merely for hydration, but coconut water is best for skin moisturizing purpose. Also, the water is best for reducing the signs of aging and improving lipid metabolism.

Smoothies : A smoothie in the breakfast can help get you hydrated for the entire day. Milk and yogurt  are largely water, so if a smoothie is home based, you will definitely quench on your thirst.

Yogurt : It does not only reduces the acidity, colonize the gut with healthy bacteria but also keeps the internal organs cool. It improves digestion and appetite and keeps your brain in fine fettle.

Lime and Lemon: High in vitamin C, these are surely shoot-summer busters. The acids in lime are too good to flush out the toxins from the body. It is not just a brilliant refresher when mixed with warm water and honey but act as an antioxidant if taken as first in the morning and help in quick weight reduction.

Juices : Aam-Panna, fresh fruit juices and lemonade are the few to name among the long list of lip-smacking juices. They not only beat the heat but also have several health benefits.

So, eat or drink whatever you want to, but do follow these regimes to keep up the skin hydrated and keep yourself healthy. Happy summers!!