Raksha BandhanMuch has been talked about the significance and importance of Raksha Bandhan since our childhoods. Our brain has been filled with the information! But this time, when Raksha Bandhan is almost here, we decided to make a list of some Interesting Facts about Raksha Bandhan which are unknown and you must be not aware of!

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Raksha Bandhan is all about a promise to protect and it was witnessed in Mahabharat also. As per the beliefs, there was this one time when Lord Krishna’s finger was cut and he was bleeding badly. On watching this, Draupadi, without any apprehensions, tore her Saree and tied a part of it around his finger. This was also one of the reasons why Lord Krishna saved her in time of her ‘cheer haran’ by Kauravas!

Would you believe us if we tell you that Rakhi has also protected Alexander The Great? It was back in the time when he had invaded India. During that time, Alexander’s wife sent a Rakhi for Katoch King Porus and consequently he had promised to shield both of them. Keeping the promise in his sub-conscious mind, he decided against killing Alexander when he was about to do so in the battlefield when he saw the Rakhi on his hand.

The most crucial story behind Raksha Bandhan is that of the dedication of Emperor of Humayun. He had gone to Mewar with his army where Rani Karnavati, who was the ruler of the region, asked for his support. Bahadur Shah had attacked the region of Mewar twice and seeking hope in Humayun, she sent him a letter with a Rakhi. Despite being in the middle of a Military Campaign, Humayun left it and went to protect her in receiving the Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan originated when, in ancient times, Indrani tied a thread around Lord Indra’s wrist to save him from demons when the war was going on between demons and Gods.

According to one more story, demons had emerged victorious during the war and had abducted heaven. Being agitated by this, Lord Indra asked for help from Brihaspati, who was the guru of all gods. Brihaspati then made a Raksha Sutra and made him wear this for protection.