Do you know our much beloved and so much favourite Samosa is not originally from India? Yes, it’s right. Samosa has its history carved in the era when traders of Middle East used to travel down from a place to place.


An Iranian historian had marked this dish as ‘Tarikh- e -Beyhaghi.’ It was then known as ‘Sambosa’ and later on, when it was introduced to India by the Central Asian traders, it was named ‘Samushak.’ Well, and then long pavement of its arrival was carved by the small dish in the history.

Whatever was the way of arrival, it has now become one of the most-acclaimed Snack in India and no Indian would have been unfamiliar to it today. Stuffed and deep-fried delicacy served with sweet-sour and spicy chutney is the first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to relish upon some evening snacks. But why Samosa? Well, numerous reasons can be sited as for why samosa is favourite of all and cannot be given a miss at all. But just for a quick peep, here are some reasons that make Samosa irresistible as a delicious pleasure on the earth.

1. Rainy Day Partner – On a rainy day, what could be better than hot Samosa along with a cup of tea? These complement each other. Tiny droplets of rain outside and lip-smacking samosas inside – it makes yummy treat at no occasion.


2. A Class Bunk Mate – Who hadn’t put the hands down for Samosas after class bunks from colleges? Crisp hot Samosas and spicy green chutney – perfect class bunk mate of college times. It is one of the truest joys of life that brings you some memories of your college time.

3. Party Item for Every Occasion – Birthday, wedding, gathering, meeting, kitty party or alike events remain partial without Samosa platters.

Samosa Party

4. Not Just One Samosa – One samosa can never satiate the hunger or craving. A pair of Samosa, two samosas in a plate make it one complete plate.

5. Various Stuffing Options – The dish takes the credit of involving many food items as its stuffing. From potato to green veggies and from cheese to sweet stuffing.

6. Crispy Crust Outside – The crispy upper crust is something that make you ask more for it. Who doesn’t just keep the crispy part to eat at the end?

Crispy Samosa

7. Very Friendly to Pocket – This savoury is a pocket-friendly deal. Quite affordable for everyone that one can relish it without giving a second thought.

8. Anytime, Anywhere Snack – The only snack in India to be spotted at each corner and each street of any location in a city.

Source: Backstreet Academy

9. Love of All – Not merely North Indians but Bengalis, Punjabis, Gujarati, Himachali and people from many diverse Indian origins love to have bites of Samosas.

10. Internationally Appreciated – Magic of Samosas is not just limited to India but the taste has gained international recognition and there are various restaurants in US, like Samosa House, who serve Samosas in their menu.

Samosa House

11. Best Gossip Companion – Gup–shups (gossips and conversations) are at its best when accompanied with Chai and delectable Samosas.

12. No ‘NO’ for Samosas – With the array of delicacies like Kachoris, Bread-Pakodas, Matthis and Matris, Samosas bags an unanimous consent for its flavours and likings by the patrons.

13. One to Many Dishes – This heavenly snack is not just relished with chutneys. This can be paired with various stuffs to make it an entirely different meal. When paired with Pav it makes Pav-Samosa. When Paired with Chole it makes Chaat or Chhole Samosa. When paired with Dahi, it makes Dahi Samosa. Company of tea, coffee, cold drinks, juice, or shakes – all will do with Samosas.

samosa chaat

14. Mom’s Love is Special – When prepared by Mom, nothing can beat this amazing delicacy. Curated with love, the best part is that mom takes a due care to make it as per our taste.

15. Expertly Prepared – Preparing Samosas is a matter of expertise. Perfect concoction of spices makes it delectable while each and every Samosa needed to be sealed properly to avoid unwanted oil in it.

16. Iconic Triangular Shape – Not just tasty, they excel when it comes to shape as per. Its iconic triangular shape makes its distinct and worth to try by every foodie.


So, why do you love Samosa?