Tirupati BalajiOne of the oldest and richest shrines of India, Tirupati Balaji has one of the largest number of devotees with their extreme faith in the god. On an average 65000 people everyday turn up for ‘darshan’ leading to a donation of Rs. 3.25 crores per day (considering every devotee donates Rs.500 on an aveage).

There is one special occasion called Anivara Asthanam at Tirumala. Celebrated once a year, on this day there is a Vishesha Alankaram (special offerings) where the deity of Tirupati Balaji is dressed solely with the Gold and Diamond. This is known as Srivari Nethra Darshanam and the exclusive pictures of this miraculous moment is officially released by the temple authorities.

Situated in the hills of Tirumala, there are several beliefs associated with this temple and devotees firmly believe that Lord Venkateshwara is a very powerful God. Thousands of devotees donates large amount of money including Gold, Silver, Diamond and other precious stones.