Footwear - The Much Talked About AccessoryFirst dates are one of those things that can even make the most confident of people nervous and conscious! Everybody always wants to leave an everlasting impression on the first date. And on the first date, the first thing people notice about you is your clothes and if you are comfortable in them, it takes your confidence and charisma to a whole new level! As against the mindset, it is not only the girls who go bonkers over deciding their outfit for the first date, boys go equally crazy!

So boys, if you are going on that first special date, we have some really easy dressing tips for you to nail it in the first time!

Not Going SeasonalNot Going SeasonalSummers do not mean that you go with lesser clothes nor winters mean you look like a bed with blankets! Shorts with ‘Ganjis’ can make you look like you are ready to take a sunbath at the beach-side while being loaded with jackets or sweaters can make you look like a resident of Antarctica! You need to be sensible when choosing clothes for the first date.

Leave The Dullness BehindLeave The Dullness BehindGone are the days when boys only used to wear solid colours. But with bright colours being on top of the trends list, boys should also liven up their outfits by choosing different colours wisely! But don’t go overboard and look like a bouquet of various flowers! Choose the contrast perfectly!

Overdoing Anything Is Never SuggestedOverdoing Anything Is Never SuggestedThe most important rule – don’t overdo the style you are dressing in, be it formal or casual! You don’t want to look like you are just about to attend a meeting with Bill Gates, neither do you want to carry just-out-of the-bed look! Maintain a striking balance and you are all set to go.

Footwear – The Much Talked About AccessoryFootwear - The Much Talked About AccessoryYou must have your parents saying this – If you want to guess somebody’s personality, look at his/her footwear! Now you see that is the kind of importance footwear has. Therefore, wear shoes that perfectly compliment your outfit. Don’t choose bright coloured shoes as they grab too much attention. And if you are not able to decide, simply go for black shoes as black never ditches you!

Remember Her FavouritesRemember Her FavouritesYou must have had plenty of conversations before going out on that first date. So during those conversations, try and find out which outfit she likes the best on men and simply wear that. Even if you are not able to find that out, just wear something in one of her favourite colours and she is sure to get impressed!