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While the buzz for recently launched Domino’s new Burger Pizza was on hype, we could not sit back and wait for the perfect day to taste the newly invented fun. Hence, we decided to jump into the nearest Domino’s outlet, that was in Aditya Mall, Indirapuram, and ordered premium burgers of both veg and non-veg types.

The Ambience 3/5
Small outlet at Aditya Mall, of course, had small arena and less space for seating and dining. It can be a trouble to arrange for extra seating if a gang or bunch of people gather at one place. So, prefer ‘No’ to such plan at this outlet. But the place was absolutely neat and clean and one could bet upon the hygiene. Nicely placed tables and chairs along the wall-sides and so, fully air conditioned.

Quick Order! 4/5
Thankfully, it was a weekday! No rush. No crowd. No standing in queue to place the order. Not had been so long that we ordered the burgers, Domino’s people made it quick to get our orders ready and show the order number on the screen. The burgers were packed in two boxes – red box for non-veg and green box for veg Burger Pizza.

The Look! 4.5/5
Opened the boxes and there lied two deliciously tempting Burger Pizzas peeping out of the boxes. Thin crusty buns prepared with Domino’s signature seasoning and bursting cheese inside carrying spicy red pepper and other veggies. While non-veg Burger Pizza was bragging about minced roasted chicken. Little disappointment to our eyes to see the fillings falling out of the burger and to see little smaller sized burger than we had expected and neither were the buns soft.

The Taste! 4/5
Well, to clear the clouds – the Domino’s Burger Pizza has come up with just the new look but NO new taste. Domino’s has, in fact, presented same Pizza which now looks like Burger. Crusty base at the bottom and crispy cover at the top – what you get is a cheese-bursting Pizza sandwiched between two pizza bases of bun shape, with all-time favourite seasoning at the top.
Nevertheless, the crispy crusty Burger Pizza did create the magic on our taste buds.

Cost! 4/5
Absolutely friendly to the pocket. The new delight is fit for satiating the hunger and craving at affordable cost. Starting from ₹ 89/- for Classic Veg, what else is expected for cheesy-licious treat at such a not-so-expensive range?

Overall 4/5
It’s always good to experiment with the taste and forms. Thus, the Burger Pizza at Domino’s must be given a try for new form of Pizza. We just tried the scrumptious Burger Pizza. When are you going to grub on it?

dominos burger pizzas

Review: Domino’s New Burger Pizza