Why You Should Not Get A TattooWe know you love getting yourself Tattooed. We know it looks cool. But before getting a tattoo you need be very clear in your mind as it stays permanent and removing the Tattoo can be very Expensive and the results too are highly variable. Following are some reasons why you should not get a Tattoo:

You Are Too Young:
You are too young as your parent won’t give you the consent to go to the shop and get a tattoo legally. But it does not mean that you will make a tattoo by your own. This could lead to some serious infection or even death.

You Are Short Of Cash:
You don’t have enough money to get a tattoo as it is too expensive for you now. As a result you head to someone who would do it for less Money. When it comes to Body Art, you should always look for professionals.

You Haven’t Finalized The Design:
Don’t think of going to the Shop if you are still not sure about the Design. You are not ready to get a Tattoo if you are changing your mind several times.

You Are Giving The Name Of Your Girlfriend In The Tattoo:
Relationships are temporary, you are not sure if it’s going to last long or not. Name Tattoos are a risky affair. Don’t go for a name Tattoo if you are not in long lasting Relationship with him or her.

You Are Drunk:
Don’t think of making a Tattoo if you are drunk or under the influence of any Drug. Alcohol makes you do Stupid things. Try not to make a mess as it will be very difficult to Heal everything.

You Are Getting Tattooed At An Unsafe Place:
Getting a Tattoo is not a small deal. You should always know about the qualification of a Tattoo maker. Is he a professional? , do he have the required experience? .Don’t think of getting a Tattoo at a Party or an Event.