Be it Pav Bhaji or Vada Pav, both savouries at Mumbai has something common – “Pav,” Considered as a staple food of Mumbai. Portuguese are the real inventers of this delectable when landed in India for the first time. Since then, it has become an integral part of Mumbai’s food culture. Below are the nine reasons that make Pav an indispensable delicacy in Mumbai.

Vada pav In Mumbai
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A Unifier at Diversity
The classes may be different as rich or poor, man or women but the taste is unanimous for this delectable at Mumbai.  Right from Rickshaw-pullers to Bollywood celebs – each class of crowd relish Pav immaculately. It brings the same kind of smile and appeases every belly without discrimination. Almost every religion and caste adore it with the same gusto.

Light on your Wallet
Even after every exploring Pav dishes, like Vada Pav or Pav Bhaaji in Mumbai streets, you will realise that this delicacy is a pocket-friendly deal.  While you taste-buds bloat away with flavours, you wallet remains almost intact.

Pav Dishes
This is probably the best reason for why Pav is so famous in Mumbai.Team up a Pav with varied options like Samosa, Vada, Keema or Bhaaji, and you will get enticing amalgamations called Samosa Pav, Vada Pav, Keema Pav, or Pav Bhaaji. If you try eating them without Pav, you will be able to make out why Mumbaikars relish Pav so much. A specialty Maska Pav is what every foodie must try out which is just a simple combination of home-made butter generously spread between Pav with a sprinkle of red garlic chutney powder. Combination of Pav with Bhel is also a unique one that a Mumbaikar generally try.

Appealing Among Ages
Yummy street food Pavs are all time favourite of each. Be it kids in a play-break, or college students while returning home or uncles returning home after a hectic day at work, this tasty-treat allures people across all ages.

Street Eat for Mumbaikars

Mumbai Street Pav
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Being the taste and pricing of Pav adversely proportional to each other, it makes the street hawkers botheration-free from baking while serving. Its popularity can be assessed from the fact that it can be found at almost every corner and every street in Mumbai. A convenient and easy deal to relish.And this gives yet, another reason for why Pav is so famous in Mumbai.

Best Odd-Hours Munching Option
Mumbai is known for its nightlife. If you want to relish some midnight eateries with spicy gossips, gorge on the famous Pav Bhaji – a famous midnight meal of Mumbai. Masala Pav and Pav Bhurji place second in the chart, you will find patrons sitting inside the car at roadside and enjoying delicacies over engaging conversations.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

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Not bigger than 4×4 inches square, it is easiest to handle (even with one hand) when you are running out of time.  Overloaded with scrumptious stuffings like chutney, Vada, Samosa, Omellete, Bhaaji, Salad and many more it will quench your hunger to a great extent.  Don’t mislead by its size; this tiny savoury when paired with a cup of tea becomes heavy enough to satiate your cravings for long duration.

 It’s about Blend of Cultures
With sharing food and culture, Mumbai houses people of all religion who live in harmony with each other. What makes Maharastra a melting pot of varied culture? Be it Maharashtrian or Parsian or Gujarati – each cuisine has something in common i.e. Pav.

Best Accessibility
In a city like Mumbai, long traffic jams, scorching heat and long commuting hours makes you hungry in between. And the best solution to your trouble is to stuff yourself with some commendable offerings of versatile Pav.  It is food which is easiest to find and effortless to gulp down anywhere, within few minutes.

Pav – A food that is a hunger avenger for a city of 12 million people is worth to explore in its varies form by every foodie.