RansomwareRansomware Cyber-Attack Warning had jolted the world with fear of getting the accounts hacked and locked until ransom is being paid. Where almost 104 Countries were affected adversely, Many of the Agencies and Banks in India remained safe.

The tragic effects of Malware across the world were seen on this weekend. While the Banks, Government Departments and Corporate Houses have warned about the issue, the Businesses remain unaffected and didn’t cause any problem except few incidents in few cities. The news actually went viral on Monday.

ATM’s were found to be dysfunctional in some places. However, Banks reasoned that it was due to lack of cash in the ATM.

All the corporate houses told their employees not to open emails with unfamiliar attachments and to maintain a back-up of all the data. All the IT heads of the media companies urged their employees to install software upgrades and firewalls.

While most of the Brooking and Mutual Fund industries were unaffected, some incidents have been reported in Ahmadabad, Chennai and Kolkata and few other states.

The secretary of Gujarat Government reported 120 incidents that took place in the State. However the functioning of government has not been affected.

Computer in Panchayat offices in Kerala cause disruption, as the MS WORD AND MS OFFICE files went inaccessible.

In Gorakhpur, $300 was asked from a Motorcycle dealer to access all his files.

Computers in three locations of West Bengal also got affected from the malware.

What Is WannaCry Ransomware Attack?
WannaCry Ransomeware is a malware sent across the Computers worldwide in the form certain videos, urls, or auditory files. Some of them are named as “Dance of Hillary.” As the link is clicked open, it hacks and locks the system and so the passwords, accounts and all data saved in it. It comes with a quote stating “Pay ransom to unlock!”

Around 209 Victims, have heard to pay the ransom amount which made Ransomware attackers earn $US60,000.