Pisces are Big Dreamers
Does your birthday fall between 19th February and 22nd March? If yes, then this article is for you, your personality and traits. Dreamy, romantic, compassionate and creative are the Pisceans meaning fish. Besides possessing an artistic traits, they are also generous and forgiving. Bollywood also boasts of popular proud Piscean celebrities such as Mr. Perfectionist – Aamir Khan, mysterious and sensual Alia Bhatt and adventurous and ambitious Yo Yo Honey Singh.
Pisceans are known to rely on their intuitions and gut feelings more than external appearances and are charming and inspiring. They are however, also known to be over-sensitive and often fall in the pool of self-pity.

Attributes – Positive and Negative
Pisceans look for perfection in everything and will not rest or relax till they achieve it. They are all out for adventures and thrills in their lives and love to travel and be a part of social gatherings. They are not money-minded and believe in smart work in a shorter time. Piscean women are often inclined towards art, painting and have a creative bent of mind. They are also good writers and you can find these people pursuing creative career paths in lives. Ruled by planet Jupiter, Pisceans are also spiritual and intuitive. They are romantic and loyal to their partners and respect them. They always encourage their partners to pursue their dreams.

Pisceans can at times be lazy, which may come across as a hindrance in their ambitions and goals. They are in-susceptible to routines and restrictions and enjoy being free. They cannot say a firm ‘no’ to anything and look for ways to disagree or refuse, which lands them in trouble as often. They fall prey to self-pity and wrongdoings as well, due to this habit of not saying no. However, they can turn sarcastic, which is what one should refrain them from. Provoking Pisceans can be dangerous for you. They are often dependant on others emotionally and tend to be childish at times.

Pisceans in Relationships
Pisceans are emotional, and great at making their partners feel special. They go with the flow and one cannot control them. They come across as introverts, so you may need to try hard to make their open up with you. In love, they can also hide their feelings because of their over-thinking nature. They need pampering, care and affection, and if you just ask them how and what they feel, it is easier to get them out of their cozy shell. They look for partners to connect with through their minds and spirits, rather than just the bodies.

Symbol: Fish
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Compatible Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces
Un-compatible Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius