Restaurants Service Charge
Source: India Tavern

Foodies can take a sigh of relief! Service charge levied on the foods at restaurants will soon be exempted, as announces the Modi government. Where earlier, the government had issued an advisory stating “Service Charge Voluntary,” this time the service charge in restaurants will not be voluntary anymore.

Now, you will be able to rejoice your food at your favourite restaurant without taking a burden of paying extra charge to the restaurant for the services they offer. Where some of the restaurants charged the service tax as per wish of the customers, various restaurants had still made it mandatory. An argument over service charge at hotels and restaurants had become a trend.

As per a source, our Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has already issued advisory to the restaurants asking them to remove the service charge for the reason the service charge at hotels and restaurants is not a tax but a tip.

The food bill at the restaurants is expected to get lowered down as the service charge is removed from the bill in days to come – as per Modi government.