Indian Flag

Stand up for the National Anthem before you watch movies in the theatre.  Yes, that’s true. As per recent norms passed by the Supreme Court, all theatres in the country are made mandatory for playing national anthem before starting with the movie.

Although, some of the theatres have already been following the same, especially in the capital, the court’s decision has made it mandatory for all the theatres across the country. And why not? The national anthem symbolizes constitutional patriotism.

Feel for the nation and all the freedom fighters must be alive in people’s heart. Why to sing “Jana Gana Mana” on Republic Day and Independence Day only? Why not before we enjoy our movie? Why not give a salute and respect to the nation where we are gifted with freedom of  speech, expression, gathering, practicing different religions and cultures, and do whatever we want to do respecting Indian constitution and judiciary system.

A salute to the Indian army and soldiers is equally worth as the praise to the Movie stars. Thanks to the decision take by Supreme Court of India that has passed such rule where every citizen in India will stand up and dedicate their 52 seconds in respect of the freedom fighters, soldiers, Indian Army and of course, the nation.

Playing national anthem at disrespectful and undesirable places or carving the same on the objects was completely prohibited. The court realized that it’s the national identity, integrity and constitutional patriotism hidden with the national anthem as a root of the guidelines. About a week of duration and the states and union territories came up with the awareness and compliance with the directives.

All credits to Shyam Narayan Chouksey, a retired engineer in Bhopal who had filed a PIL in regards with the same and urged the Supreme Court on laying down the norms on playing national anthem at cinema halls and other such places of entertainment.