With Aamir Khan’s endeavour to taste authentic ”Litti Chokha” at a locals of Bihar on his promotional film tour few years back, Bihari Cuisines appeared in limelight. A cuisine that offers varied flavours with a touch of mustard oil in almost every delicacy. India is a land of not just diverse cultures but diverse foods as well.  Every cuisine here is rich and versatile.  Below is the list of some from Bihari Cuisine that are not much hyped but every foodie must try before they die

1. Sattu Drink
A healthy breakfast for most of the people in Bihar, this tempting Sattu drink is extremely flavourful.  With its key ingredients like Roasted Gram Powder, Rock Salt, Roasted Cumin Powder, and of course water. This drink deserves a try from every foodie.

2. Gaja
An essential wedding sweet snack in Bihar, this delicacy looks like Shakarparas. It is a customary that a bride carries to her in-laws place after marriage and is considered as auspicious. These are cubical in shape unlike shakarparas that are long and diamond shaped.

3. Pitha
A renowned traditional delicacy in Bihar which is generally prepared during festival season. You can indulge yourself with its mesmerising flavours in lunch as well. It can be prepared with Dal and Rice or rice and coconut. Alternatively it can be prepared with rice cooked in milk. Amazing delicacy that one can find only in Bihar.

4. Litti-Chokha
Most acclaimed Bihari preparation that actually gave a world-class recognition to this cuisine. Litti is basically a roasted dumpling made out of roasted gram flour and spices, and dipped in or brushed up with ghee. While Chokha is a mashed Potato and mashed Brinjal with lots of onion, garlic, green chillies and other spices.

5. Til (Sesame) Laddu
A real treat for foodies with sweet-tooth, these Til-Laddus are different from til-laddus from other places and is referred as ‘Lai’ in Bihar. It can tempt you beyond expectations. Makar Sakranti is considered to be a special festival of Bihar and its celebrations are considered to be incomplete without these amazing Til-Laddus.

6. Malpua
Malpua is known for its rich taste and lavish ghee preparations with mawa and khoya loaded on it. But Bihari Malpua is enriched with the flavours of Bananas. Prepared with loads of Paneer and Khoya, San Bananas forms a key ingredients in traditional Bihari Malpua preparations. Further dipped in cardamom syrup, it lets you salivate.

7. Thekua
Prepared as a Prasad on the sacred festival of Chhath, these are the fried version of cookies. With basic ingredients like whole wheat, jaggery, fennel seeds, little sugar and dry fruits all mixed with water to make a dough and placed on a tool to create beautiful shapes and designs. In usual days, maida (all purpose flour) and sugar is used instead of whole wheat and jaggery. This one surely deserves a try by every foodie.