Momos Ban In India

For all the Momos’ Lovers out there (and I can bet there are many), you all have a bad news! The BJP Legislator Ramesh Arora ban Momos in India, has been very fiercely campaigning to put a ban on this extremely-loved dish because it contains Ajinomoto (Monosodium Glutamate), which is believed to cause Cancer. Although this campaign has been going on for months against this almost-staple-food for some, people came to know to about it only on 8th June.

Ajinomoto has the tendency to make people addictive towards it and are even more dangerous than Drugs and Alcohol. The entire ruckus has received mockery and criticism on all social media platforms but all said and done, the things stated about Ajinomoto are based on proper scientific research.

But we as Momos’ lovers (with our wounded hearts!), can only hope that the Momos ban in India doesn’t take place. Inspite of banning such food items, like what happened with Maggi, government should look into the functioning of food regulatory bodies so that we don’t always have to say goodbye to our favourite Food items!