Daler Mehendi and Mika Singh

Mika Singh’s new track , ‘Sohniye – The Gorgeous Girl’ is loaded with ultimate shaking Punjabi beats that will electrify the dance floor. Bringing the two brothers, Mika Singh and Daler Mehndi together to tap their feet on a song, the news has left the fans desperate to wait for the duo performance on ‘Sohniye.’

The song has lyrics by Mika, music by Kaptan Laadi and RDK with voice of Daler, Mika, and Shraddha Pandit. The song is produced by Pawan Chawla and is expected to be launched soon with launch of Mika’s new record label – Music and Sound.

Not much about the song has been revealed but it’s expected to be next number after ‘Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag,’ by Mika. This punjabi song will blow up audience’s mind.

Mika and Daler have been the legends of Bollywood Music industry for long time. They have been giving ultimate pop musics. How can one forget all-time-hit songs of the two brothers individually-  Mika’s ‘SAWAN MEIN LAG GAYI AAG’ became great party song whereas Daler’s ‘TUNAK TUNAK TUN’ is still fresh in the people’s mind? And now, when they are coming together, they are expected to blow it up giving audiences new reason to tap their feet and let the party mood on.

For past many years, the two brothers, although individually, have been setting thrills on the screen and people’s mind with ultimate numbers of all genre – Pop, Sufi, Punjabi, Bhangra and others.“He told me, this year I want to sing with you. I feel, he thinks I have finally learnt to sing now,” said Mika referring his brother as the ‘Badshah of Music’ in Bollywood. Video of the song was shot at Daler paaji’s farm house in Delhi NCR.

While the buzz is set on social pages with fans waiting for the song Sohniye, the excitement will be at peak till the launch of the music track Sohniye – The Gorgeous Girl expected to be as on 16th November, 2016.

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