Midnight foods and snacks sound great for those who stay awake till late in the night or probably, for whole night. And of course, you can’t just prevent yourself from munching. For all the night crawlers and munchers, here are some suggested snacks which one can hang over to satiate the midnight hunger. Taking heavy dinner while staying awake during night hours is complete ‘NO’. You can’t fill your tummy with heavy stuffs and allow it to struggle with digestion process for the whole night or by the morning when the foods are at last stage of digestion you fall asleep. So, stick with these snacks to stay awake for whole night without troubling your stomach.

1. Cookies


You won’t believe but Cookies are the great option for munching at late in the night. Those who think eating cookies will lead them to put on some extra calories then forget it. There are cookies in the market made up of such ingredients, like oats, honey, whole wheat etc., which will prevent you from gaining weight. Those with least health concern can go ahead and make your night cookie-full.

2. Noodles


Just 2 minutes and Maggie noodles are in the bowl. Wai Wai cuppa noodles is also a good option for lazy or busy-bees. Noodles can do away your hunger completely. Keep stocks of noodles in your kitchen and be ready for the munching.

3. Wafers


Crispy crunchy wafers. Well, this one you can munch for whole day but the night without wafers in partial. If you feel like munching something light – like really very light – then go with Wafers as the best and safest option.

4. Popcorn


Ah! How can one forget Popcorn as the food for midnight munching? Sure. Packs of popcorns are available at almost every grocery store. All you have to do is just open the pack, pour it in a pressure cooker, lit the stove and cover the cooker with lid with upside down. Flavours? Well, you can check that in stores.

5. Granola Bar

Granola Bar

Safest of all options when one is too much conscious about the health and weight. Prepared with honey and oats, Granolar Bar is best midnight snack. Available at Nature Basket, you can easily purchase the pack online or at the shops. Else, the same can also be prepared at home. Check out online for the recipe.

6. Dates


Healthy and tasty – take dates along with a cup of hot milk. This will satiate your midnight hunger and give your certain health benefit.

7. Soup


Yet another healthy, tasty and fast option for your hungry tummy in the midnight. A cup or bowl of soup will give the feel of tummy-full while it is not that full. Plus, the benefits of vegetables will be added to your health.

8. Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes

This will never add kilos on your weight but surely will gratify your starving soul at 3 AM. So, a bowl full of corn flakes with milk, honey and fruits make wonderful food to have so late in the night.

9.  Baby Carrots.

Baby Carrots

The little carrots will provide you whole lot health benefit with its nutritious value. If you are ready to compromise with the taste then this is going to be best midnight buddy.

10.    Bread Slice & Peanut Butter

Bread and Peanut Butter

Hunger is gone for long when peanut butter is in. Prefer brown bread over white bread for both taste and health. Brown or Aata (whole wheat) bread is easy to digest and hence, no calorie is added to your health.

Plan your nights. Stock the things in your kitchen for best midnight munching or eating experience.