PM ModiSoon all official meetings and events as organized under the name of Government will have menu free from meat and other non-vegetarian items. As PETA reviews the report of meat ban in Germany by the environment minister in view of safeguarding the environment, it urges the PM of India to lead the country in similar way.

According to People of Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the ban on meat will help improving climatic condition as it will help reduce the effect of green-house gas. The meat production and the concerned industries add to the pollution in environment and thus, the rise in global warming. Approximately 51 per cent of the green-house gas impact is due to meat or animal-derived foods production. Severe droughts and heatwaves have also been generated due to same reason.

Hence, a letter from PETA was written to PM stating that in a country where healthy and environment-friendly persona, Narendra Modi is the prime minister, it is expected that the any step in concerned with environment will be taken at any cost. “The meat industry is heating up the planet and gobbling up our natural resources, but we can fight climate change by starting with what’s on our plates. “PETA is calling on Prime Minister Modi to set a global example by ensuring that exclusively healthy, humane, and environmentally-friendly vegan meals are served at all government functions,” said PETA.
Besides the climatic issues, meat productions also reserve huge supply of water, land, food and other resources – as per PETA. In order to establish the new step, PETA first requested Prime Minister to remove the meat foods from the menu at any event of meeting organized by or for government.

PETA also kept a point that animals are fed upon 10 kilograms of grain merely to get 1 kg of meat. Plus, they are bred forcefully in order to produce more meat. The animals, however, transfer methane in quite a big amount which traps the heat 25 times more than carbon dioxide, disturbing the atmosphere.

The killing of animals, on the other hand is also a disturb-some for vegetarian people and open slaughtering of the animals give heart-sinking view to them and they feel sick – says PETA letter.

Going Vegan, according to United Nations, is the best alternative to save environment from various harmful effects. Also, the same practice is also a key to healthy lifestyle.