Mc Donalds Dosa Burger

The McDonald’s Burgers – very likable for the taste it provides now strategises to boost business with an evident change in its list of menu. More than a change, the idea is about adding new variety in the flavour of existing western light-food cuisine with various Indian culinary delight topped with a hint of western taste itself. They have innovatively worked with ideas like McDonald’s Masala Dosa Burgers indulged in South Indian flavour carrying Molaga Podi Sauce and other distinct diversity of flavour as like Anda Bhurji.

The attractive new concept of Burger as Dos, which is McDosa in South India, isn’t created, it is invented! Inspired from Mulligatawny as a creation originated from India and taken abroad, with its mix of Indian spice and Western soupy water, the McDosa invented within its own style is a burger combination of Potato patty with Milagu -based-Mayonnaise. It supposedly serves the fine taste of an almost-Dosa – McDonald’s Masala Dosa.

The menu is aimed to lure breakfasters, hence the changes with both Indian and Continental newbies of flavour for the moment is largely limited to breakfast only, and so many from the new menu will be availed in the mornings. It is one of the ways the McDonald enterprise has found to grow business.

The “variety of the food” the enterprise introducing is new although the “strategy” to aim morning hour business and newness of taste with Indian aid of flavour is already tried, tested and successful. It was Muffin pampered with Egg, Cheese and Sausage. The muffin for over 7 years have been starting the day for McDonald’s and of course, the very admired Aloo Tikki Burgers which introduced Indian palate the most exotic taste from western side. Now the new vast menu of inclusion from spinach and corn and hash brown brioches, along with plain and masala scrambled eggs, waffles and hotcakes await its part of appraisal.

The play of McDonald’s health tacks still sustains to grilling over-than fried food material at-most.

McDonald’s as its extension over globe has been growing business and altering formats with an investment of approximate 500 crores to start 120 new stores since last five years in India itself. New tactics from the enterprise now awaits response and result.