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As much as we love travelling to the exotic places, the process of getting a visa becomes a big hassle. Although many countries have made the process of documentation much easier, yet, the entire running-around can really be annoying. And do you really want all that kind of stress before travelling abroad which you had always dreamt of? Nobody wants that before relaxing trip! So we have brought some really cool international destinations that will welcome you without a visa! Can’t believe? Have a look at this and then plan a special vacation to these International Destinations Without Visa!

Mauritius (Map)
Ideal Time: May To December

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The country has the most delectable seafood and what is better than enjoying it while sitting on the best beaches of the world? Sounds like a dream already! If you love nature, you will adore the place as it has soothing waterfalls, calm rainforests and enough wildlife! You can even learn about the past of the country by taking lessons!

Thailand (Map)
Ideal Time: October To March

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Thailand is much more than just Bangkok, as we usual think of . The place is picturesque with its islands and highlands and is going to leave you in awe! You can just lie down on the beach to relax, stay by the river or go partying; there will always be something to do!

Maldives (Map)
Ideal Time: November To March

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This is one of the most romantic and beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world. From blue lagoons to powder white beaches, Maldives has some of the most amazing beach resorts that will make you want-to-stay there forever! People in Maldives are quite sweet as the free visa for Indians on arrival is for 30 days. You can try various kinds of water sports here and after that simply relax to absorb the nature’s beauty!

Hong Kong (Map)
Ideal Time: October To December

Hong Kong
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If you are looking for some happening nightlife and all kind of shopping bonanzas then Hong Kong is the place to visit. Oh yes, Disneyland, obviously, holds the brownie points! You can have a gala time without a visa for up to 14 days. You will just have to fill an online form of pre-arrival registration and you will be all set to have a blast here!

Jordan (Map)
Ideal Time: March To May

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The pride of Arab, Jordan will make you float in the Dead Sea, enjoy the beauty of Wadi Rum (desert) or even make you learn about the heritage sites. The place is filled with nature reserve, monuments and castles which are surely never going to disappoint you.

Jamaica (Map)
Ideal Time: November To Mid-December

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Jamaica, a Caribbean island, is all about music, culture and history! The sandy beaches will just make you want to relax without a care in the world. You can even let your adventure streak come out as can try zip-lining, snorkeling, jeep safari or diving! Learn about the culture and art of Jamaica to take something significant back with you.

Macau (Map)
Ideal Time: October To March

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Known as the Las Vegas of the East, you can imagine the level of fun quotient there! For all the party animals and shopaholics, this gem is perfect! With the malls and casinos always to entertain you, you will never have a dull and boring moment there!

Fiji (Map)
Ideal Time: July To September

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If you are a beach baby, then Fiji is the place for you as it consists of more than 332 islands to amaze you. You can go kite surfing, snorkeling, and golfing among various other things to do. The nightlife in Fiji is to die for! Also, all the couples who are visiting the place for their honeymoon should not miss Mamanuca Islands!

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