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There is a special bond between people in Kolkata and Rasgulla. Undeniably, Rasgulla is one of the most delicious Sweet in India. However, Bengalis have an everlasting fascination for the sweet and even pronounce it differently as Roshugulla.

Having said that, there are some mysterious things about Roshugulla that even Bengalis are unaware of:

The Sweet that is most famous in Kolkata is unfortunately not originated from Kolkata. Rasgulla found its origin in Odisha. Back then, for knowing the actual origin of Rasgulla, fight went on for years. But after forming a committee in 2016, they came on to a conclusion that the sweet is originated from Odisha.

Made Of Channa:
The round shaped balls of Rasgulla are called Channa. Channa is an Indian cottage cheese, blend with semolina, which is made in a sugar syrup and are shaped round like balls.

Rasgulla’s Columbus:
Earlier people use to think that Rasgulla was invented in Bengal by Nobin Das who had a confectionary shop. He was known as ‘Rasgulla Columbus’, but till the time he introduced Rasgulla in the state, Odisha had already declared it as their popular traditional sweet.
Original Name: Khira Mohana
Previously Rasgulla was known as Khira Mohana in Odisha. For over many decades, Rasgulla was treated as a traditional Oriya dish.