Edible Flowers To Food Item
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Do you still use flowers to decorate your home or or adorn your garden? Well, then the time is to change the thought and introduce flowers to the food recipe. Edible flowers are gaining popularity and people are increasingly including them in their food menus. Apart from giving an exotic touch to your food items, they contain antioxidants and are extremely nutritious!

So, to keep your excitement alive, we are also providing you some simple food recipes made by flowers. Try these and give your mom a surprise that you too can cook nutritious dishes! Oh yes, and you can shower us with kisses later!

Here we go –
The Pizza – Lip-smacking and beautiful 

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Anybody who doesn’t like pizza is eyed like an alien by people! So we know the intensity with which people love pizza. So why not add flowers to one of the most loved food items and make it even more lovable! To the usual toppings on your pizza, add toppings of micro greens and chive blossoms to your pizza. You can also use basil flowers as a pizza topping.

The Soup! – that’s a flowery delight!

Source: Eat the Earth

Just put a few flower petals in a bowl and then pour your soup. You will be amazed to notice the difference which a few flower petals in the soup can bring to the taste of a soup. But they key to make it taste flowery, but at the same time not making the taste overwhelming, is to use just a few petals!

The Salads – it will not be boring now! –

Source: Cleaning My Plate

Add petals of various flowers as food ingredient –  from coriander flowers to peony to pansies to your usual salad of vegetables! After that just add a dressing like honey-mustard or sweet onion or any else of your choice. We fear dieting might become a liked option for you now!

The Tea  – lovers can never give it a miss!

Source: Lushome

Most of the people must have not heard about flowering teas but they are gaining popularity because of their numerous advantages. Kokum, Indian version of Rosella, are very helpful in the summer season as they provide cooling properties which include acting as anti-depressants and having a calming effect. Chrysanthemum and rosebud infusions are also beneficial in killing-hot weather. So all the caffeine lovers, now you know why to switch to flowering teas!

Ice cubes – that are flowery enough for garnishing!

Flowery Ice Cubes
Source: The View from Great Island

Flowery ice cubes are the most attractive and eye-catchy things you will ever see! Moreover, they add taste and benefits of flowers to the drink too. They are extremely easy to prepare too. Just add petals of flowers like geraniums, pansies and violets to the tray of ice cubes and freeze it like you always do. And you can impress the guests next time!

The Desserts – that go to the heart!

Source: India.com

When we are adding flowers to so many things, we simply can’t ignore the desserts. And for desserts, we have so many options too! Add pansies on cupcakes and pavlovas, jasmine to tiramisu and rose-petals to kheer! And desserts will taste like never before.

Flowers do not need any fancy or expensive equipment along with them. But one must keep it mind that the flowers and petals should be free from pesticides and chemicals to be used in food recipes. Moreover, make sure that you wash the flowers properly before using them. After washing, they should be used immediately.