The Wrist Grab

The Intimacy of your relationship is not only judged through emotions, but also through body language, which plays a key role in knowing about your relationship status.

From biting your lips to raised eyebrows, from tilting your head to leaning towards a person, everything comes in handy in figuring about your relationship.

Having said that, one of the most important things which tell about your relationship status is by noticing how you hold your lover’s hand. In a world of casual involvement, holding hands looks lot more intimate, as it conveys about your involvement towards your partner.

Below are some common styles of holding hands which gives an insight about your relationship with your partner:

Tightly Interlocked FingersTightly Interlocked FingersWhen you interlock your fingers with your bae, it means you want to give a deeper meaning to your relationship rather than just a casual make out. Obviously you have been physical with each other, and share deep feelings for each another.

The Wrist GrabThe Wrist GrabGrabbing her wrist with your hand signifies aggression, superiority, etc. You don’t want to hear a ‘no’ from your partner, and always want her to agree with your views. Also, touching the bottom hand shows that there is passion, intimacy, and pressure to stay together.

Passive TouchPassive TouchPassive touch signifies sweetness and calmness. You are in nothing more than a just a casual-relationship. You are not passionate for your partner.

The Pinky GrabThe Pinky GrabHolding your hand with your little fingers defines intimacy. Though open to criticism, Pinky Grab tells about your relaxed and casual way of taking relationship. It tells that you are always in a playful and flirtatious mood.

Shoulder HandShoulder HandThough, seems a little awkward position, shoulder hand means you are proud of your relationship, and don’t care about other people’s opinion about your relation. You are protective about each other and share a deep bond with each other.