Cover ImageMoney is one of the most important elements in our life to survive. And in the quest for it, we all are left with 9-6 Job. However, many of us like to sleep and yet want to become Rich without working from 9AM to 6PM in any Company. Thus, here are 5 Cheapest Ideas that can actually make you a Billionaire while you can still Sleep Sound for these Hours.

Run A BlogRun A BlogIt takes not more than 5 minutes to start your own Blog. It is one of the Cheapest ways to start your own venture. Create your own content and make sure it attracts masses. Once your blog start generating Traffic, you will start earning Money.

Start A PodcastPodcastToday people have stopped Watching Videos, Television. People tend to get information through Podcast while doing other activities at the same time. Start creating your own Podcast and upload it on iTunes.

Sell Your Photographs OnlinePhotographs OnlineThere are various platforms for the Photographers to sell their Pictures. You can sell your Pictures on Photography Websites such as Shutterstock, IStockphoto. Though the Websites do take some percentage of each Photo sold.

Sell E-BooksSell E-BooksIf you are a good writer, then EBook provides you a great opportunity to sell your Fiction Story Books. An innovative way to add Money in your pocket.

Start Your Own YouTube ChannelYouTube ChannelToday the most innovative and promising way to earn Money is through YouTube. Start making your own Videos in which you are good at. Once your Channel starts receiving Traffic, you will start earning Money through Advertisements.