Featured ImageThe time of the year has come when you can show your love for your father, which we as their kids, otherwise forget. Yes, we are talking about Fathers’ Day! Fathers’ day 2017 is almost here and we all want to make it the most special for our fathers.

A Father’s love is the most underrated love in the world. Whether it’s being protective about your whereabouts or surprising you with gifts or most importantly, saying “Woh Aankhon Mein Kuch Chala Gaya Hai” when he is trying to hide his happy tears on any of your achievement, he leaves no chance to express his eternal love for you!

And the least you can do is to make him feel special on this one day dedicated to him. Therefore, on Fathers’ Day 2017, we have brought a list of some really cool Fathers’ Day Gifts which are a little different from the ‘mainstream’ ones!

Your father is going to love everything on this list –

Leather JacketLeather JacketThink Leather Jacket is only for boys? Then you are totally mistaken! Leather Jacket is for men and your dad is a cool one! So buy a Leather Jacket and watch him look years younger in the new look!

Fancy Shaving KitFancy Shaving KitIn a world of Metrosexual men, your father also needs to be a little conscious. So buy a really fancy Shaving Kit for him so that he can dedicate a little time on his grooming! It would be better if the kit is a handy one, so that he can carry it even when he is travelling to places.

Hawaiian TieHawaiian TieHaven’t Dads always looked cool in Hawaiian Print? So, even if your Dad is not a “Hawaiian T-shirt” kind of person, you can still buy a Hawaiian Tie for him. It will look super cut without being too gaudy.

Digital CamerasDigital CamerasNo matter how digitized the world becomes, Dads still look adorable clicking from the digital Cameras. And even they prefer these cameras, in spite of having smartphones with the best of Cameras!

Cool Nerdy SpecsCool Nerdy SpecsWhen Spexy is the new cool, then why not let your dad be Spexy too?! So buy a really cool trending pair of Specs for him which will make him look professional but at the same time youthful!

Picture FramePicture FrameIt may sound extremely cliched, but picture frames with your favourite pictures will always have a special place in your heart. Choose the best picture of you with your Dad with the ‘Daddy Special’ photo frames available in the market. He is sure to get nostalgic!

Spend Time, I Repeat, SPEND SOME TIME WITH HIM!Spend Time, I Repeat, SPEND SOME TIME WITH HIM!We admit that these materialistic Gifts can make a person feel special, but nothing can beat taking out time for that person. Take your dad out for a movie, Lunch or any activity that you guys enjoy together so that you get to spend some quality time with each other. Trust me, he will consider this the best gift from you!