Durga Puja Celebration at CR Park
Source: homemakeover.in

With advent of auspicious days of Navratri, the triumphant for the celebration has been blown. “Pandals” across Delhi’s Chittranjan Park is rendering innumerable food options, reverberating chants, dancing in the state of reverie, and smouldering dhunachis are creating a centre for attentions. Following are the best places at CR Park that will not merely evoke your devotional morale, but also will fill up your evening with amusement and exhilaration.

Navapalli Puja Samiti
Address: Pocket 40, Chittranjan Park, New Delhi  

navapalli puja samiti

Based on the theme of Gram Bangla, this Navratri the Pandal will take you through the experience of rural Bengal. In proximity to Market No. 1, this Pandal is lit up with eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials like husk and dread Bamboo to arise environment awareness among devotees. Hosting various artists from Bengal to embrace the Bengali spirits, Sankhadhwani competition has been organised to give a platform to showcase your shell-bowling skills. Hang on this place on Saptami i.e. October 8th 2016 to experience the pinnacle of the event.

Co-operative Ground Durga Puja
Address: Bipin Chandra Pal Marg, Chittaranjan Park, Block J, New Delhi

Cooperative ground CR Park, delhi

Akaal Bodhon, a unique and one of the well researched theme is presented at this grand Pandal at Co-operative Ground of Chittaranjan Park. Known for its inimitable themes, this time they have come up with showcasing an untimely evocation of goddess Durga. Fill up your evening on 7th October (Shashti) with mesmerising sufi music and Indian fusion by Arkadeep Mishra – a popular folk singer from Kolkata. With recycled materials, the inner panels of the Pandal potrays the indispensible story of theme, the outer structure displays a creative Lotus.

Mela Ground Durga Puja
Address: Mela Ground, Bipin Chandra Pal Marg, Chittaranjan, New Delhi

mela ground CR park

Celebrating its 41st year, one of the largest Bengali Puja is conduct in Mela Ground in Chittaranjan Park which is known for its exclusivity and splendour. With Ancient Bengal theme, it shows up rural Bengal by using unique elements like traditional signing competitions. This year they came up with Karaoke Competition as a highlight which invited every passionate singer to come up and showcase their talent. The prelims for the same was conducted on October 2nd.  Minimum age of the contestant was 15 years or more. The finalists will quest for the championship on October 9th evening at the Pandal and load the spectators with festive energies of Ashtami. To avoid huge rush over it counters, this year the committee has avoided food stalls in Pandals. However, the fervent foodies need not to get disappointed as the impeccable food is just 5 minutes away from the Mela ground. Yes, walk down to Market No. 2 to relish some authentic Fish and Egg wraps to mesmerise you Bengali spirits.

B- Block
Address: B- Block Durga Puja Samiti, CR Park, New Delhi

b-block Durga Puja Samiti

Designed by 25 year old Bengali architect Sudipto Barua, Pandal at B-Block boasts “Natural” as theme. Jute, Dried Grass, Bamboos, Coconut Fibre Ropes as integral part of decoration, this Pandal stresses on eco-friendly substances. Conceding to its theme, due attention has been paid in using natural materials for Pandal preparations. Hook up on October10th and indulge yourself into festive spirits of Navami and get pleasured  with some contemporary Bengali music from Jharna Dhara, a Delhi based Band. The music journey shall instigate from 8:30 onwards.  For foodies, Irish Castle, a food truck in neighbourhood is ready to give them an amusing experience of delectables. Not just the entrance, interiors here are perfectly in sync with the theme.

If you too wish to explore the amazing four-day long exclusive celebration of exhilaration from Shashti to Navami, don’t forget to hang on these amazing destinations at Chittaranjan Park, Delhi.