Dominos Pizza Veg

All vegetarians and pizza lovers can rejoice with joy as around 500 Domino’s outlets across North and central India are going all veg during Navratri festival this year. Navratri starting 1st October, you have fair reason to head towards Domino’s and enjoy your favourite Pizza and of course, the latest Pizza Burger. So, these auspicious nine days, Domino’s Pizza and you – a lovely deal.

Well, this is probably for the first time a popular, non-vegetarian restaurant will be turning into complete vegetarian and will be delivering Navratri menu.

To this, Domino’s Pizza India President Dev Amritesh said, non-vegetarian food consumption reduces significantly during this auspicious, festive time. Though we are a global brand, we are conscious about consumer needs and this move is an acknowledgement. It’s about making a statement to consumers.”

While people will be avoiding consumption of meat, garlic, onions and processed foods, the Navratri Special Menu at Domino’s Pizza will include Pizzas made of Singhara (Water Chestnut) Atta, Sabudanna Crispies, dumplings, cheese and sausage with special Navratri-special ingredients. Menu will be prepared using rock salt and not normal salt.

Navratri-special Pizzas will not be loaded with garlic or onions and all the grains that are at minimal consumption during those days will be done away.

With over 70% of share for the Pizza market, Domino’s claims 1,062 restaurants across 248 cities in India. Of course, this is a big initiative for such a big brand to convert its menu into pure vegetarian one and it certainly, encompasses logistical challenges and line up with suppliers.