dominos new burger pizza

Domino’s has finally come up with Burger Pizza formula that gives the taste of Pizza but looks like a Burger. Big, soft bun, made from Pizza dough, sandwiches Pizza ingredients inside with overloaded mozzarella and cheddar cheese along with the veggies and seasonings sprinkled on the bun. Satiating the craving for both Pizza and Burger at one time, Burger-Pizza of Dominos is winning the hearts of Pizza as well as the Burger fans altogether.

Cheers to Indians! The Domino’s Burger Pizza is present only in India and Dominos India has given US a reason to envy us. They are given a reason to peep into our Domino’s India menu to check out for the delicious, lip-smacking Burger-Pizza but sad, they have to be left with their mouths watering. Well, US people will have to wait for the scrumptious delight in their country.

What made Dominos come up with this radical hybrid idea? True story is hidden somewhere in Domino’s diary but what one can conclude with this invention is – it’s the perfect solution for Burger lovers who at the same time crave for Pizza. Perplex has been done away for people who are often confused with whether to have Pizza or Burger. And every so often it’s your friends who have different choices of eating. But with Burger Pizza at the counter, your gang can order and enjoy both Pizzas, Burgers and other side orders as well Domino’s.

With over 140 Dominos outlets in and around Delhi only, the Domino’s seems all set to give tough competition to other Burger and Pizza joints in the city. With completely new turn in Burger world and bringing a twist in the taste, various burger centres may now have to be little more alert and attentive towards their burgers.

Choices: –

Veg Burger Pizza: It comprises complete veggie delights overloaded with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and tomato at the base.

Cost: ₹ 105/- approximately

Non-Veg Premium: Pampered with tomato, jalapeno and Green Chile Chicken with other add-on ingredients and lots of cheese.

Cost: ₹ 140/- approximately

Non- Veg Classic: Cheesy burger grouped with tomato, Jalapeno, Spicy Chicken and other add-on ingredients.

Cost: ₹ 153/- approximately

For now its only available in India.