Comic Con India Presents Alto Pune Comic Con 2017

The inauguration of Comic Con India goes back to February 2011 in Delhi, hosted at Dilli Haat in INA. Over the years however, it expanded to five cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, attracting more than one Lakh visitors from all over India. Since then, they have never looked back, but reached many more communities and fans providing a platform for brands to expand the pop culture as well as the fans.

This time the Alto Comic Con India Pune in being held from 4th to 5th March, 2017 at the Deccan College Grounds and is sure to be the best weekend of the year owing to the power packed event. The Pune Comic Con Cosplay Contest is a continuation of the Alto India Championships of Cosplay held in Delhi this February.

The championship will be held in categories like comic books, animated movies and soaps, games, anime and fantasy or science fiction. The procedure of this would be to enter the venue, get photographs clicked, and then head for the main stage for the championship. The winners of the round will compete for the final round to win the grand prize of the contest. The participants will also need to describe their costumes and themes and pose for two to three photographs on the stage. Each participant will get 30 seconds for their act.

The jury will include the content and marketing tea members of Comic Con India, and there can be surprise celebrity or special judges as part of the jury. In case, there are any special judges, their names will be announced on the stage on the spot. The jury will decide the winners on the basis of the craftsmanship, description and presentation. The decision of the jury will be final and unquestionable.

The registration of Alto Pune Comic Con will take place on the spot at the venue during the event days and the participants will be required to enter in their costumes for the registration and buy the tickets.

All participants must be of 16 years in age or older, and carry a valid Indian passport. The responsibility of accommodation, travel, and other expenses will be borne by the contestants themselves. Only one time registrations will be entertained, and group registrations are not allowed. Participants with objectionable props, costumes or elements will be disqualified and restricted from entering. Costumes should not promote any illegal substances such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. or pass defaming remarks about the company or anyone or anything related to it.

So, you have seven days, twenty two hours, nineteen minutes and fifty nice seconds to go! Gear up and get ready!

Event Details

Date: 4th – 5th March, 2017
Time: 11 am – 8 pm
Venue: Deccan College Grounds, Ranjeet Nagar, Yerawada, Pune